Student Life

Ever wonder if you are the only one that feels the way you do? Now you can find out. Visit our student life page to find out about other peoples experience and learn from those that have come before you.

Student Organizations

Student organizations most basic task is helping you get the most out of your time while at SHS. When you join a club or organization you can find your niche on campus; connect with students within or even beyond Statesboro High. Getting involved at SHS has never been easier! There are multiple opportunities across campus that immerses students into real life experiences that grow necessary leadership skills, job readiness, and future growth opportunities.

Student of the Month

It's not easy getting to the top, let alone stay. Check out this months interview as we put the spotlight on the 10th grade student of the month.

Teacher of the Month

The spotlight this month goes to Ms. Karen Tedders. Contributor Ashaunna Roberson brings us the interview on Ms. Stephanie Deal.


Being out in the Friday Night Lights makes me feel like I belong to something bigger. The hype, the screams, the spirit. It makes being a high schooler just a little bit more fun....click below to continue reading about SHS sports.


“Yes - we feel like we have reduced touchpoints by using IDs for checking in and out of school, purchasing lunches, and checking out books. Also, the IDs allow every staff member to identify every student by picture, name, and grade level. “


I have heard opinions are like noses, everybody has one. Check out these from around the school by clicking below to read up on people's opinion.

Letters to the Editor

Welcome back...so to speak.

I can honestly say that this is a year that none of us saw coming. And yet, here we are, for better or worse. Students and faculty are split between face-to-face and virtual schooling. It’s easy to see that the school climate has changed, particularly with half the student body missing from classrooms and the halls. In town, it’s common to see fellow citizens wearing face-masks and keeping their distance from others or to visit a business that is not fully operational......click below to read more.

Meet the Team

To find out more about this years Devils Advocate team members visit the page by clicking below.


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