The Cold War At Home and Abroad (China Falls To The Communists) BY: Kyrie Doggett and Jordan Roan

Jiang was part of the government and in the 1920's he began to go around and kill a bunch of communists. Mao was a communist that did not like this. Mao started a civil war with Jiang .

During WWII Mao and Jiang decided that they were going to put a hold on the Civil War because they needed to come together in order to defend against the Japanese. The war however, allowed Mao to strengthen his army to about 700,000. Mao became really popular socially, economically, and politically in the areas that he controlled.

WWII was coming to an end and Truman, the American president at the time, offered aid to Jaing. Even though Jaing got all the help Mao still grew stronger and occupied a lot of China's country side and cities in 1947. Jiang asked Truman for more help to protect China from Mao taking over and the Americans decided that to help would prove to be useless. Truman decided that it would be more useful to protect Western Europe from Soviets.

In early 1949 China's Capital, Peking or Beijing now, landed in the communists hands. Mao took over China; Jaing and his followers ran to Taiwan. Jaing claimed that they were still part of China and that they were a legitimate government. With everything that happened China still had a seat at the UN's General Assembly and Security Council. The "loss of China was a stain on the record of the Truman administration." members of congress then had to put in greater efforts to protect the rest of China from communism, Mao.

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