MARUJA, the do-it yourself lamp What you need to know.


An original self-assembly pendant, Maruja was designed by the fresh-faced Gazpacho Studio—it is LZF’s first flat-pack fixture. A contemporary lamp, Maruja’s design is simultaneously unfussy and decorative. Maruja is a name whose origins lie in Galicia, and signifies both femininity and strength.

The do-it-yourself lamp

The do-it-yourself Maruja is packaged with all the components needed to assemble the lamp: wood veneer strips (in several sizes), a circular frame, and pins. Maruja is easily constructed, without the need for any tools or adhesives. Using a pin, each wooden strip is clipped onto the circular frame—insert a light bulb, and you will have created an elegant, handmade lamp. The wood veneer strips hang and move freely, and when illuminated, Maruja sparkles with life.

8 wood shade colors: Ivory White, Natural Cherry, Natural Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pale Rose & Sea Blue.

Black Metal Canopy with Black Cable.

On request: Matt White Metal Canopy with White Cable & Brushed Nickel Metal Canopy with Transparent Cable.

220-250VE27 Lamp Holder.

120-277VE26 or GU24 Lamp Holder.

Designed by Gazpacho Studio, Maruja is LZF’s new kid on the block. Fresh and fun, it’s a novel lamp, one that sparkles with a breezy manner. Packaged in kit form, this self-assembly pendant, with its classic chandelier-like silhouette, will fit perfectly in many environments: from a sparsely furnished student flat to a lofty penthouse abode.

About Gazpacho Studio...

Gazpacho Studio was set up in 2018 by Kar Durán and Concha Rodrigo, with the collaboration of Miguel López, whose creative approach is an experimentation with tradition and the present. Taking humour as a pillar and tool, Gazpacho’s work is visual and sensitive. Based on a desire to attain recognition for traditional Spanish products and local production, Gazpacho draws from the successes achieved by long-established and contemporary techniques.

LZF was born in 1994...

The company is the creation of Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill.

From its home in Valencia, LZF makes an eclectic array of handsome, handmade wood veneer lighting fixtures.

At LZF, craftsmanship and technical innovation go hand in hand. From its modest beginning, the company has grown to become an internationally acclaimed concern, winning many awards for its original lamps and communication campaigns.

And yet LZF remains faithful to its roots, lovingly transforming wood veneer into a series of beautiful lamps. At LZF, wood is truly touched by light.