The Train Ride Part Two

The car they got.
  1. We've arrived in Washington D.C. let's go get our car that we rented from Ship Shape Rental Cars and now we will go see your Uncle Donald. So we were on are way there and all the sudden we pull up at the White House and I asked mom why we were here but she said nothing. As we walked in I was nervous because I had never meet my Uncle Donald before. Then when Terrence saw Donald Trump standing there , Was he my Uncle? So he said " Hello Terrence , I'm you Uncle Donald." But then out of nowhere he gave me , Terrence a late birthday present and it was what I have always wanted a dog. And it was my favorite type of dog, a husky and I named her Elle and she was so playful but cuddly. Then Uncle Donald ,Mom and I went on a walk in the amazing forest dog park in the White house, Elle just loved and I was amazed how she interacted with the other dogs. But then we ( mom and I ) went back to the house that we were staying at on a road called Grant Park at Harrison street, As we explored the neighbourhood I saw a boy my age playing my favorite sport basketball , Mom so aid go play with him and for once in my life I did just that. When i started talking to him I asked him his name and it was Logan and he was in six's grade too and all night until it was pitch black outside we were playing basketball but mom told me it was time for dinner so I left. That night for dinner we had pasta with meat sauce which is my favorite dinner, Did I tell you that pasta is amazing I would have it every night. But sadly I had to go to bed and Elle came with me and went to sleep on my bed but she wouldn't stop turning and moving all night but it didn't wake me up to much. The next morning mom told me that we were going to see Uncle Donald but I looked outside and it was all rainy it made me super angry because I couldn't play outside with Logan. When I got to the White House mom told me that dad was coming here because we are moving here. I was so happy because now I'm going to school with Logan too. But dad was working for Uncle Donald in one of the rooms in the White House. And it stoped raining outside so when we got home dad was there and I told Logan about it and we were going to live in the same house as we are living in right now. THE END.


Created with images by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "The White House, Northside, Washington DC" • Andrew Choy - "White House" • nakhon100 - "Tesla Model S"

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