Committees Shyann, Claudia, Payton and Marius

Oversight- Ensures accountability of the federal government agencies.

Members: Total Members: 42

Democrat: 17

Republican: 25

Geographical Area Of Members: Very spread out around the country, majority in plains area of the country, but there is a wide variety.

Judiciary- Conducts hearings prior to senate votes on federal judges nominated by the president. Members: Total Members: 20 Democrat: 9 Republican: 11. Geographical Area Of Members: A few people in the midwest area, but most around the south-east coastline.
Appropriation- Responsible for passing appropriation bills with its senate counterpart. Regulates expenditures of money. Members: Total Members: 30 Democrat: 14 Republican: 16. Geographical Area Of Members: Majority reside on the right side of the country, though there are a few on the left side.


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