1: The animal I have been assigned is a 'Newt'

The Eastern Newt

2: Newts have backbones so that makes them a vertebrate

3: Newts belong to the sub-group "Pleurodelinae"

4:Newts have smooth skin(which can look velvety or can have a warty texture.) The great crested Newt grows up to 18cm or 7 inches while other Newts grow up to 9cm. Newts body's are long slimline, they get half of there length from there tail.

5: The female Newt will walk over the spermatophore and move against it to collect sperm. The spermatophore is a collection of sperm. Female Newts lay up to 100-300 eggs at a time, young eggs are hatched in a incubation period.

6: Newts eat water shrimp, water fleas, small crustaceans, seed shrimp, freshwater shrimps, and leeches. Newts eat the same way small fish eat.

A Newt hunting for food

7: Newts live in North America, America, Northern Africa, Asia, and Europe. They live under stones in streams, under logs or leaves in most forests.

A newts house

8: Newts have long slimline body's that make them able to swim fast in the water. They also have small toes with powerful grips on them so they can climb most objects in the forest.

9: Newts predators are large fish, foxes, grass snakes, and herons

10: Newts have the ability to regenerate limbs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts, intestines, and upper, lower jaws. The biggest Newt was great crested and was 18 cm or 7 inches. That's some facts about Newts.


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