Life goals...

1 year goals...

Id like to finally finish my street car because its been sitting way to long

I wanna also start to find and meet people on my moms side of the family... since she hasn't been in my life I don't know anyone on her side.

not my family^

in 1 year start working my into a scholarship at asu so i can study law

Within the year I want to reach the weight I want to be for football which is 6 foot 5 inches at 225 pounds so I can be a better football player

3 years from now

In about 3 years i wanna try to make it Alaska and see the northern lights. I also want to go back to Germany where I was born.

i love germany

In 3 years I wanna be settled in at ASU playing football and studying law.

I wanna be able to visit my little sister in Wisconsin one day since i haven't seen her in forever

5 year goal plans

In five years I want to be in my own place even if its an apartment. I want the adult feeling.

And i want to be able to finance my own Shelby gt350

I would like to start at a law school or even do some internships.

And be done with college fully so I wont have to deal with mean ole teachers

10 year goals...
In ten years I want to have a big family with the Tyler"s running around and torturing people.
I also wouldn't mind having a big house and an 8 car garage Along with that 8 car garage I want big yard.


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