Nothing to Be Scared Of Tom Norbey | Stevensville, Michigan

Before considering knee replacement surgery, Tom Norbey, of Stevensville, spent years in pain. He owns a painting company and it was challenging to climb a ladder.

Tom struggled while participating in hobbies including gardening, hunting, and working out with his friends. Tom’s family enjoys going on active vacations and he had trouble keeping up with them while exploring major cities and hiking. At this point, Tom knew something had to be done.

I was familiar with Dr. Sybesma and heard he was the best in the area.”

Orthopedic surgeon, Justin Sybesma, MD, recommended an x-ray to get a better idea of what was causing Tom’s knee pain. He soon learned lack of cartilage in his left knee was to blame, causing his bone to grind on top of the other bone. Tom had been a state-champion cross-country runner in high school, running an average of 20 miles each week in training. Coupled with kneeling for many years while on the job, his active lifestyle was catching up with him.

First, Tom opted to try a noninvasive approach using steroid injections. He noticed relief for a couple of days and then the pain would return, causing him to limp again. After trying collagen injections with the same result, Tom realized it was time to move on to surgery.

Being a younger knee replacement candidate (in his early 50s), Tom thoughtfully considered if he should have surgery. Dr. Sybesma counseled him that improved quality of life would have great benefits.

Dr. Sybesma performed a successful knee replacement at Lakeland Medical Center in St. Joseph. Tom recognized the high level of professionalism the entire staff, from nurses and doctors to the anesthesiologist, delivered. Since his knee surgery, he is back to everyday life, pain free. Tom can keep up with his family on vacations, garden, hunt, and work out with his buddies.

A knee surgery can be a scary thing, but when it was all said and done, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done thanks to Dr. Sybesma and the rest of the Lakeland team.”