Weekly Babywearing Challenge with Wrapsody Wrap Around Baby Carrier & Vegan Babymama

Front Carries are an essential beginning in babywearing. It is where we all start whether it is our newborn or our toddler seeking a cuddle.
Week 1: Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) in Chronos Stretch Hybrid. Even my near two year old toddler is still a good fit for this front carry. This is the carry we started with, in tandem. Her sister is Miss Independent these days and prefers to hold hands on our evening walk.
Week 2: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) in Chronos Stretch Hybrid. A great carry for newborns and as you can see, toddlers too. This is a favorite for a sick baby or whenever we need extra snuggles.
Week 3: Front Cross Carry (FCC) in Chronos Stretch Hybrid. Enjoying a snuggle in our evening walk. We are big Dr. Who fans in this house! She insited on wearing Dad's sunglasses.
Week 4: Kangaroo Carry in Chronos Stretch Hybrid. I have a love hate relationship with the Kangaroo Carry. By the time we mastered this carry the twins were about six months old and moving more and more when we were trying to wrap. Tightening this carry is key to a successful Kangaroo Carry. I like to use the reinforced Kangaroo in my stretch hybrid because the ladies are so big and the reinforcement adds support.
Week 5: Front Double Hammock in Breeze Tracy. I just can't resist those cuddles! This is a very solid front carry, wiggle proof without leg reinforcements and one of the only three layer front carries I find comfortable. It was of course a breeze in Tracy, the thin layers of gauze made this a perfect wrap for this carry at 112F.
Hip carries help progress our skills as our babies become more curious about the world around them. The hip carry allows baby to see in front but also have that security of their caregiver being close, preventing anxiety or overstimulation. Hip carries are also great for the nursing baby or toddler, allowing babies to eat on the go.
Week 6: Hip Rebozo carry in Breeze Tracy. Thhis is great for quick ups and calmed my fuss face down immediately. Seems she just wanted a continuous Momma hug. THIS is why I babywear.
Week 7: Robin's Hip Carry in Breeze Tracy. She was so very excited to be up, mostly because this is her favorite carry when she isn't feeling well and only wants to nurse. She yelled "Yay, Milk!" Out of the mouth of babes....
Week 8: Poppin's Hip Carry in Breeze Tracy. An excellent carry for nursing your little and keeping them close enough for that milk drunk nap.
Poppin's Hip Carry in Breeze Tracy. One of those days where nothing seems to be going quite right for her. Up in a Poppins and sshe signs, asking for milk. I love that these small things I do give her comfort and right all the wrongs in her little world.
Amanda's Tandem Hip Carry in Breeze Tracy. The tandem version of Poppin's Hip Carry. One of our favorites. This may be one of the last times we manage this carry. As they got bigger, we ddidn't need the top rail as a headrest . Now they are so big their knees touch and just isn't so comfortable for them anymore. That being said, it is still a solid hip carry as evidenced by the goofball oon my left.
Week 9: Hip Cross Carry in Breeze Tracy. This is another great carrry for upright nursing and little Miss Bella's favorite to as for "Momma Milk" and "boob." Good thing I haven't retired these nurssing shirts. The last step to this carry is to spread the shoulder pass for your comfort.
Even babies take selfies these days!
Week 10: Coolest Hip Cross Carry in Bridgid Stretch Hybrid. August 5, 2015. Another great carry for nursing just in time for World Breastfeeding Week. The slipknot allows you to easily adjust baby up and down for upright nursing.
Back carries are the hardest part of learning to wear in a wrap. Safety is always our aim in babywearing, practice a new carry over a bed or other soft surface and with a spotter. There are three main ways to get a baby on your back. The Santa Toss works great to create a premade seat and is awesome for smaller babies. The Hip Scoot is great for the independent sitter and perfect for sleeping babies. The Superman is best for older babies that can stand, and can add an element of fun too.
Week 11: Secure High Back Carry in Bridgid Stretch Hybrid. A great carry for beginning babywearers to introduce back carrying. A forgiving single knot holds this carry secure and tight while you reinforce the carry with cross passes. I chose my favorite Wrapsody, I just love the vibrant green color!
Week 12: Back Wrap Cross Carry in Chronos Stretch Hybrid. Who can resist it when they come to you and say "up, back!" with a wrap in hand? I know I can't. Enjoying a quick babywearing dance party with my favorite Whoovians. Can you hear it in the background.....dooo wee oooo, dooo dooo dooo.....
Week 13: Rucksack Carry in Chronos Stretch Hybrid. Arms full of sleeping babies at 25 pounds? Not this Momma! A quick Ruck and my arms are free to bring up the groceries.
Week 14: Double Hammock in Breeze Tracy. The Double Hammock is my all time favorite back carry. Not only can you easily modify it for a wiggleproof carry, you have all those tails left for a sexy finish!
Sometimes a fabulous finish is just as supportive as it is glamorous. Add a ring or two and your options are limited only by your imagination!
Week 15: Christina's Ruckless Back Carry in Breeze Tracy. I love this one for being easy on the shoulders and preventing pressure against the milk ducts. While a three layer carry, this is light and airy in the Wrapsody Breeze.
Week 16: Giselle's Back Carry in Bridgid Stretch Hybrid. Even big girls get tired at the zoo and need ups to rest those tired toddler legs. With some precision tightening both ladies were up and comfortable in no time.
Increasing in complexity as we progress through the ccarries, the last few we had the pleasure of hosting a Wandering Wrapsody. The beautiful colors accented with hibiscus flowers gave a little flair for the more complex carries.
Week 17: Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder in Wandering Wrapsody Breeze Haumea. A three layer back carry that is solid, keeping a nice deep seat no matter how much of a mover your baby may be.
Week 18: Jordan's Back Carry in Wandering Wrapsody Breeze Haumea. The shoulder flip in the Jordann's Back Carry helps to maintain tension as you guide the wrap into the next pass. A great carry for leaners, leg straighteners, or napping toddlers
Jordan's Back Carry in Wandering Wrapsody Breeze Haumea. Out on our evening walk.
Jordan's Back Carry in Wandering Wrapsody Breeze Haumea. Stealing all the kisses!
Week 19: Wiggleproof Back Carry in Wandering Wrapsody Breeze Haumea. Featuring two wiggleproof leg passes and most ddefinitely prevents leg straightening, leaning, and with a hammocck like seat through two leg reinfored cross passes, no seaat popping either. #noescape
Love that face! I think I will tuck in for a nap beside them.
Week 20: Taiwanese Back Carry in Wandering Wrapsody Breeze Haumea. Very comfortable carry for preventing unnecessary pressure on lactating breasts. This carry looks much more complicated than it is. One tail does all the work making all the passes and you need only hold tension on the other tail.
I love the Poppin's Spread on the passes. The long tail does all thee work while the shorter tail acts as an anchor point for all the passes to reverse direction.
Thank you for participating! Follow Wrapsody Baby on Facebook and the Love in Motion: Wrapsody Family Facebook Group for the next challenge.

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