Star Board - Term Two Week Three St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message.

Kia Ora Koutou

If you did not yet read my Atamarie App message this morning my question to you is “Why not?”. I have asked the girls to read this message and they do (mostly). My message is about those timely reminders and a time to share good news and a time to be lifted.

This week’s newsletter is to repeat some of my message this morning which was a familiar message that Life is busy but I prefer that to boredom. Today is a deep-thinking day to share these thoughts that every challenge we successfully conquer serves to strengthen not only our will, but our confidence, and therefore our ability to confront future obstacles. You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destination. Life has taught me to turn wounds into wisdom (but also to keep the first aid kit handy).

Respect means fulfilling your obligations to those who have given their time to you- so turn up for trainings and games. Meet deadlines, and live out the value of Commitment.

We are in pink today to stand today against bullying. It is fabulous to have a day put aside to make that stand against bullying in such a vibrant way so that is in everyone’s face. But standing against bullying should be an action to which we commit ourselves every day.

Year 9 girls enjoying the sun in their 'pink' today.

Finally, our year 13 Dean brought this You tube clip to my attention and now I bring it to your attention, and as a comment states “this is why we love Emma Watson”- Emma Watson on Feminism.

Have a safe weekend, enjoy the weekend sport, enjoy the ‘Showtime’ performance by the Wairarapa Singers if you are going, be kind, and be your best selves.

Ngā Mihi


Around School this Week

Opening of the LSC

Learning Support Coordinators (LSC) property funding was provided to state and state integrated schools who were part of the LSC allocation announced in August 2019 to support LSCs to operate effectively in all schools they service. The funding has allowed us to make the property modifications needed to create a suitable working space for our LSC. We opened our refurbed centre this week.

Left - Rev Lesley, Mrs Lucy Clearwater, Nadia Lamnao (Student Rep from Y9 Spanish), Mrs Gill, Mrs Lammas, Mrs Roesler and Mrs Whewell. Right - Rev Lesley blesses the space.

Open Afternoon

We held a very successful Open Afternoon on Tuesday. This is a student-led afternoon for prospective families to come in and view the school. Our girls did us proud and there were many positive comments at the end of the tours. A huge thank you to Year 10 and 11 for their efforts in Period 5, and to the girls who stayed until 5pm to help out. Also to the Friends of SMS for helping with the afternoon tea. 50 Families came through the school.

Film Star - Erin Dean Year 10

Last year Erin Dean (Year 10 ) was an extra in the movie ‘Poppy’, She was standing in a line and cheering in the burn-out scenes there are quite a few close ups of her in it. Last Sunday was the premier in Masterton. In this photo below Erin is standing next to two of the main actors Ari Boyland and Libby Hunsdale. The movie comes out in cinemas on the 27th of May.

Manfeild Cycling

2021 Manfeild 6 Hour Challenge results

Year 11-13 Team - placed 4th rode 63 laps = 189 kms

Amelia Percy, Sophie Goodin, Jaimee Blackburn

Year 9-10 Team - placed 2nd Rode 61 laps = 183 kms

Maddie Stephenson, Charlotte Kirk, Lilly Reynolds

Mixed Team placed 3rd 53 laps = 159 kms

Annabelle Smith, Ellie Macdonald, Gita van der Leek

Three cycle teams of 3 took to the start line for the Manfeild 6-hour race on Sunday 16th May. Teams had a single rider out on the track at any given time and the race is about how many laps the team could complete between 9 am and 3 pm. Riders could decide for themselves when they wanted to swap to the next team member. By the end of the day all teams had clocked up an impressive number of kilometres of riding. The result for the year 9 team is particularly impressive, as these two of these girls have only joined cycling during term 2, and, as year 9’s, were competing against year 10 students from other schools.

The weather was kind in offering a dry day with light wind, but the wind did build up during the morning, and proved to be testing to ride in for any length of time. This meant that all of the riders were very tired and somewhat sore by the 3 pm cut off time. It was a very quiet run home in the car.

Everyone learned some new skills during the course of the event, including Rev Lesley who discovered how competitive some of our girls are! When not out on the track, the teams supported each other and spent some time socialising.

Very many thanks to all the parents who came to watch and support their daughters, and especially to Mrs Kirk for transporting extra bikes. Thanks also to Mrs Penny Walker who managed the teams on the day.


Lesley Mouat

From top left - Annabelle Smith (Year 12), Amelia Percy (Year 12), Ellie McDonald (Year 9), Charlotte Kirk (Year 9) and Gita Van Der Leek (Year 7)

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Last Saturday three of our former students, Ellen Hamilton, Fiona Hamilton and Sarah Pitney, were invited to Government House to receive their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. The girls completed their awards at the end of 2019 when they were in year 13. COVID delayed their ceremony but the excitement was still palpable.

Ellen Hamilton - The Duke of Edinburgh Award has taught me stickability, responsibility and so many other life skills. I have met the most amazing people and made incredible memories.

Fiona Hamilton - I started the award in Year 10. I never thought I would get to Gold and am extremely proud that I have. I really enjoyed the outdoor aspect of the award as well as the service I got to take part in.

Sarah Pitney - It was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people!

Left: Fiona, Ellen, Mrs Sherwen and Sarah Pitney. Right the girls with Peter Hillary

School Notices

Coming Up on the Calendar......

Term Two - Week Four

Monday 24 May - Whanau Time, Junior Choir, Junior Production Rehearsal, Viva Rehearsal, Y12 PE Activity Day

Tuesday 25 May - Wake House Chapel

Wednesday 26 May - School Singing Practice, Regional Cross Country, Culture Group Rehearsals, Orchestra, Viva Rehearsal, Level One Music Solo Performances, Youth Group

Thursday 27 May - Junior Chapel, School Activities, Year 9 Social

Friday 28 May - Year 12/13 Food Trip, Jazz Band, Whanau Time, Relay for Refuge

Term Two - Week Five

Monday 31 May - Whanau Time, Junior Choir, Junior Production Rehearsal, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 1 June - Sheppard House Chapel, Year 10 Lunchtime Music Concert

Wednesday 2 June - Assembly, Orchestra, Culture Group Rehearsals, Viva Rehearsal, Level Two and Three Music Assessments, Youth Group

Thursday 3 June - Junior Chapel, Thursday Activities, Sheila Winn Shakespeare National Finals

Friday 4 June - Year 9 Led Assembly, Jazz Band, Whanau Time, Sheila Winn Skakespeare National Finals, SMOGA Reunion

Queen's Birthday Weekend - Monday Holiday

Community Events

Year 9 Connecting Years Function