Firstly, may I thank our match and programme sponsors Buss Murton, Solicitors. Those of you who take coffee outside would have seen the reusable coffee cups that have been provided by Buss Murton; please take advantage of paying the extra pounds for your coffee so that you can be seen to be environmentally proactive. If you take the cup back to the kitchen afterwards then the pound is refunded or of course you can keep the cup

Today we welcome Foots Cray Rugby Club in a Kent league fixture. I am told by the coaches that our performance last week against Kings College Hospital was the best performance of the season against a very good side. We lost in the last play of the match, but it is clear that as a side progress is being made.

Our referee today is Adam Hollins and he is being coached by Clive Evans who is also the President of the Kent Referees Society. Many of us will know Clive from his excellent officiating and we welcome him to the lunch. Please show respect and courtesy to all officials today.

The Nomads are now up to 4th place in their league after a convincing 34 –0 win against Medway and we wish them well today away against Sevenoaks.

Cranbrook Ladies had another successful win last Sunday against Blackheath 17– 5; their team numbers and their spirit is an inspiration to us all.

For the second year running it gives us great pleasure for our Under 16s/17s to host Sint-Jan Berchmans College from Brussels, Belgium. Many thanks to Head Coach and Tour Organiser Pieter Bruynseels and Tour Officials Cedric de Roeck, Stephanie Willockx and Jeffrey Faddar..

It is now time to start the push on the fundraising. The tender document to be sent out to the builders will be completed in the New Year. The grant applications are being prepared and I must thank James Fraser and David Robson for the excellent work done on preparing the business plan and development plan.

2 club members have already made sizeable donations to the fund; we are now accredited with the ability to claim Gift Aid and so every donation from a taxpayer can bring increased sums to the club (Hint hint). In the New Year we will be selling bricks so that especially the juniors and minis can have their names recorded for posterity on a wall in the new Clubhouse

It would be fantastic if some of our lunch attenders today would agree to come along to the lunch at the Stationers Hall on 16th November. Two years ago we raised about £10,000 and it would be wonderful if we can repeat that feat.

A further option is that we are considering selling the naming rights to various parts of the building; we already refer to the Scott balcony. There will be four changing rooms, a physio room and a referee’s changing room; if you feel that you would like to have one of these rooms named after you then please get in contact.

Tim Fagg


Cranbrook RFC vs Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege (Brussels, Belgium)

15. Sebbie Lund

14. Douglas Franks

13. Christian Benson

12. Anthony Williams

11. Jack Borowski

10. Olly Addis

9. Oliver Lloyd

8. Zac Washington

7. William “Lucky” Luckhurst ©

6. Ryan Washington

5. George Channon

4. Josh McLaren

3. John Wilson

2. Anders Swallow

1. Matthew Wilson


16. Percy Christopherson

17. Denby Timlin

18. Randolph Mayor


Robert Washington

Dicky Swallow

Carlos Lloyd

Referee: Steen Mickelborg

Cranbrook RF.C. - The Early Years

1962 opened with the Club in a very dismal mood, some members thinking it pointless to continue unless more support could be drummed up. . It was left to Doc Mayer at the 'bangers and mash supper, prior to the AGM at The Windmill in April, to give the Club the encouragement it needed when he told members that "the Club must continue and not fall by the way-side". These were, indeed, dark days for the Club and the reason is easily understood when the records are examined, We were playing well established Clubs with far stronger sides than we could field and in the three seasons 1960-63 we played some 73 games winning 6 (just 2 per season) and losing 64 and having nearly 1500 points taken off us with about 200 in reply. All credit, then, to those who hung on during those crucial years and did not forsake Cranbrook for greener pastures.

In July 1962 the club moved its headquarters once again from the White Horse to the George Hotel where it remained until the Club had its own Clubhouse. It is not recorded whether the Club moved of its own volition or whether it was considered to be in the best interests of the regulars of the White Horse, but memory around this time of a difference of opinion of some note over a pint of beer between one of our mining opponents and some itinerant hop-pickers which argument, after reducing the bar to something resembling a French village on the Somme in 1916, unfortunately continued in a rather more nasty fashion in the lavatories outside afterwards. However as Cranbrook had prudently made themselves scarce by this time, no one can say anything for certain.

Negotiations with the Cricket Club over the moving of the fence broke down in November and it was to be another three years before this matter was finally resolved. The dances being held in the Vestry Hall seem to have been giving some trouble to the Club for in March 1963 it is recorded that the last three had cost the Club £26 and they were discontinued after this through lack of support. This was not the only area where lack of support was being felt, for at the AGM in May it was reported that although over 50 players had appeared for the Club only 27 had paid their subscription, which was promptly raised from £1.1s.Od. to £1,10s.Od. A possible field for the Club was being looked into on James Stearns's farm at Sissinghurst Castle and it was noted that this was the last "stag" AGM as next year ladies would be present. It is reported, somewhat ambiguously, that the meeting ended at 10.15 pm "and was continued with drinking and songs". A final last fling, perhaps?

A month later the Committee was getting uptight over the Easter Tour. It was considered that the lack of replies was rude and so a fairly rude post-card would be sent to all concerned which" it was thought, "should bring some response" I wonder if it did, for some members need more than a mild hint like this to move them into action.

In September it was reported that the field at Sissinghurst could no longer be considered as "someone had found a tree in the way which could not be moved". However, another ground at Willesly Pound was being considered but the following month it was discovered to everyone's dismay, that it was already leased to a local farmer (surprise, surprise). Yet another possibility seemed to be a ground at Swattenden………….,

To be Continued…..


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Last but by no means least, former Mini and Junior player Ruaridh McConnochie is due to make his full First Team debut at Bath Rugby in their Premiership Cup match against Harlequins this Saturday. Ruaridh spent three years playing for England Sevens in which time he won a silver medal for Team GB at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and silver medal for Engalnd at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. He is pictured below scoring his first try for Bath United, showing off his Olympic Silver medal and on the 2007 CRFC U15s tour to Hasparren.

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