The Era Of Good Feelings

These American's have many different roles in which some work for their government, some work for business, and other own their own business. There still are questions to ask though. Personally I think that what it meant to be an American in this time era was work, individualism, war, and pride. There is lots of work needed to be done because the nation is just starting out, but they still have things such as individualism going for them. They can believe in whatever they want to believe and they show pride in almost everything they do. They also have other things that are good going for them such as politics, art, music, and literature.

Now America came up with a diverse and complex government. They have all different roles and branches and all sort of things. They also have politics which can be good and can be bad. In this time, America's focus is put on economy as Thomas Jefferson said "I, however, place economy among the first and most important Republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared." Henry clay made an American system which is made up of capitalism, the national bank and federal spending on transportation projects. It was based on Alexander Hamilton's idea for commerce in which was never put through until now. Henry clay tried to use this to unify the nation by creating jobs and commerce leading to wealth throughout the states. This would keep a stable economy and would benefit all states not just one. Therefore unifying the nation.

The National Bank of America

Some famous artists bloomed when their artistic ideas were unknown. When art itself was not a focus in the nation just like right now. People like George Caitlin and John James Audubon became popular for creating finely detailed pictures of nature and traditional landscape pictures that rises to the top of popularity. Pictures of places of Oregon, "a pioneers dream" stated by Lewis and Clark. Folk art and portraits that were simple and colorful and shows emotion. Schools just for art such as Hudson River School making broad and scenic vistas. This is why art was blooming during this time and this is why things such as portraits are growing in popularity. This is why America has such a unique culture and is popular for its art.

Classical Landscape Image

New types of music were also starting to come alive at this time. Firstly, classical music was a type of music that originated from Europe and has been popular ever since. Females wore their best petticoats while men wore nice tuxedos. The females would lift their petticoats to show their footwork while the men would dance and chat. Square dancing songs were popular in a different part of America. In the south, people would square dance in which they would be told what to do in the song. The singer would tell you what to do and what move to do. Spirituals were also popular types of dances in which they used instruments such as violins, drums and banjos. Finally we have minstrels in which they mimicked black music. This means that they mimicked the songs of slaves and free blacks in which they had songs such as jazz.

Classical Square Dance

While art and music sounds good, literature is very popular in which they talk about adventures in hunting, exploring and even just stories. Some popular writers during this time were people like Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Davy Crockett, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Washington Irving wrote stories based on German folklore such as the famous Rip Van Winkle. James Fenimore Cooper wrote about adventures of the pioneers going west. He wrote The Pioneers which is about the west. Davy Crockett wrote stories about his life as a soldier, hunter, scout, and explorer. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote poetry such as The Song Of Hiawatha which was based on stories of American Indians.

Davy Crockett

This time has been called the Era of Good Feelings by me and many others, but is it really the Era of Good Feelings. Some may say that as a Female, Black or American Indian that this is not a good Era. To start of, the American Indians were getting pushed and pushed and pushed around. They could not find a stable home in which every time they had to move and finally found a new home, they got kicked out again. This happened because the Americans kept buying more and more land towards the West which cause the American Indians to have to move again and again. Therefore not being a good time for them. Blacks had it worse though. Firstly they were being bought and sold like toys. They had to become slaves and work for the whites with no argument. This was terrible in which they had no right and were forced into labor. Females had it bad but not as bad. They were forced into marriage, had little to no rights and could not vote. This is terrible because the nation was founded on equality, not segregation. Therefore leading to this time era being considered as the Era of Bad Feelings.

Overall this era had good times and bad times. They had segregation, and number of other bad things, but they also had good things. Such as their smart politics, art, literature and music. These things led me to conclude that yes they have flaws, but they also have strengths that keep them running and keep them from collapsing. This can mean many different things, but I personally believe that in the end it is not that bad. Therefore leading to me saying that America is unique and diverse, and you should go visit.

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