The Gift of a Gap Allie Foxhoven

Pressure to Attend College

Higher education is a concept that is seen as necessary in order to be successful. More and more students seem to be attending college directly after high school. However, so many students are doing so that many feel as though they have no other option.

Taking a Gap Year

Taking a gap year, a year-long break between high school and college, will allow each student to focus on deciding what they would like to purse in life while also exploring those different options.

Oh the Options

On average, 80% of United States college students change their major at least once.

Liberty University, in total, offers more that 500 programs to study.

Oh What a Waste

Changing a major can set a person behind in their college career, meaning they are not only extending their time in college, but also increasing how much they have to pay. When taking a gap year, however, students return to college knowing what they would like to purse, eventually saving them not only time but also money.


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