The Renaissance Monica Sierra Guzman

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

RACES: The reopening of the Silk Road help spark the renaissance because now they can trad and travelers would be safe now to go on the Silk Road. On the text book it says that,"they once again made the roads safe for travelers and traders(Holt 299). The Renaissance took over china because the Roman Empire and the Han dynasty fell, so there were no soldiers to protect the travelers and traders between Europe and Asia. In conclusion, the reopening of the Silk Road was good for the Renaissance.

Italian Trade Cities (Florence)

These trade centers were important because they were the richest City's that can afford trading centers and people were buying new products from other trade centers people.

Paper and Printing (Johann Gutenberg)

These photos show how people used to print backthen

The printing press was very useful and easier for people to write books instead of copying books down. Monks don't have to copy books by hand any more, the printing press was great for many people.

Renaissance Writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writings reflect the ideas of humanism because he used a common language known as vernacular and how his stories go. "Readers around the world consider William Shakespeare the greatest writer in the English language(Holt 316)." This tells that most people enjoy his writing and his stories. Shakespeare writing attract such wide audience because he makes his plays enjoyable for anybody rich or poor with a different language or common language. " London audience of the late 1500s and early 1600s packed the theatre to see them(Holt 317). This shows that lots of people enjoyed watching his plays and lots of people went from time to time to see them. In conclusion, William Shakespeare was famous for writing stories and creating plays for people to watch and enjoy.

Love give me strength! and strength shall help afford. -Romeo and Juliet

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