healthy livestyle Miguel Ramírez López

Carry a healthy life it´s good for your life because you are happier and your body and mind there are more relaxed and so you can do things better.

1. learn to cook

You need know how to cook to prepare a healty diet for to be in better shape, especially eat fruits and vegetables and so don´t eat junk food.

2. Exercise daily

The important thing is to catch the sport that you prefer to do it daily. To do it 30 minuts daily the activity it´s very good for your health.

3. Reduce stress in your life

Is one of the aspectos what less is taken into account, you have to try reduce it to the mínimum, that especially usually occurs at work and scools. An esegesis of stress it leads to tirednes.

4. Diseases

If you have a healthy life it is much easier to reduce all kinds of illness due the body is more prepared for them.

I think taht lead a healthy life it will be very positive so you can have a long life without disease and being healthy.

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