Welcome You sexy thang!

So what exactly is boudoir?

Boudoir Photography isn’t just about taking sexy or risqué photo for a partner. It’s about feeling good in our own bodies, loving the flaws we all have, and empowering ourselves.

Especially as women, there is been so much negativity toward the way we look or the lack of power we feel we are given. I find this to be unbelievably untrue.

We all have the will to love ourselves, be loved and love one another. Don’t be afraid to give into that feeling. Trust me, YOU deserve this!

Who is Jill

When I shot my first boudoir session nearly 6 years ago, I was hooked instantly. I saw the women I was working with transform during that shoot- her confidence was on fire and she was being in the moment- it was beautiful! Ever since then, I strive to make everyone that comes my way feel confident and beautiful in his or her own skin.

I believe in boudoir and know it can and does change people's lives.

When is the right time to book?

The time is now! If you are thinking about it, it's time to book. If you want to do something for yourself, it's time to book. If you want to look at yourself in a way you didn't before, it's time to book.

Boudoir has a way of healing scars, showing us how beautiful we are, and lifting us up.

Boudoir is Raw, Emotional, Empowering, and Incredible Exhilarating!!

The Consultation

First things first, let's chat! I'd love to hear more about what you're looking for, walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have. Want to do something different? This is the time to let your imagination go wild.

Bring me your ideas, your style, and your inner Beyonce. I want to hear it all. Not really sure what you want? I am happy to discuss ideas with you and stylize a look that will exemplify you and your desires. I like to emphasis open communication so both you and I can be completely comfortable.


The Space - Posing - The Timeline

You should fully prepare yourself to be fully taken out of your head and onto the sheets. Most girls come in shy and a little nervous but always leave the shoot glowing with new confidence.

The Space

My current studio space is located at 2740 Main Street in Buffalo NY, 14214. The building was once a single family home and has now been converted into local business spaces. Our room features victorian style crown molding, bright esthetics, and a vintage, boho vibe. We convert the space based off the ascetic of our session or during boudoir marathons. More about those later!

Want to go somewhere else? Some girls prefer to book a specific location for their boudoir session. Other loactions might include: airbnb, hotel, inside the home, or outside in nature. Why would you want to do the sessions anywhere else? Doing the photo session inside your home- brings a whole other level of comfort and spiciness to your images. The same can be for a hotel or airbnb location. Maybe you want to rent out a cabin for a weekend. Nothing screams sexier than planning a weekend away to get naked in the woods- either solo or with a partner.


As your boudoir guide, I am here to lead you through the poses, find the most flattering light, and tweak your angles. It is my goal for you to feel amazing and embrace your body's goodness. Let's be honest, we all have things we don’t like but I bet there are even more things that you love! Girl trust me, your a bombshell and were going to capture that!

the Timeline

30 mini consolation | 60 min for Makeup application | 90 min Photo Session | 60 Min Viewing Session

Sessions are typically booked on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Let's get you ready- both physically and mentally. After booking, I will send you over a guide to help you get prepared and feeling ready to go!

The Shoot

Your session will begin with professional makeup, music, and a mimosa if you choose. I'm sure your nervous/excited, so this a great time to let yourself relax. Let us take care of you. At this time, we can chit-chat, talk about the clothing options you brought with you and air any thoughts running through your head. Let go of anything weighing on our mind so you can be clear and open during your session.

Once you finish with make-up, we will be ready to start with your first outfit. Remember I am here to be your guide but feel free to let your creativity lead you. Be yourself, get weird if you want to, and always remember to breath.

Viewing Sessions

After your session is over, we will schedule you to come back to the studio for your viewing session. At this time, you will enjoy a slideshow of your images, pick out your album and drool over how amazing you look!

Can’t make it back into the studio? No problem- we can schedule a video call to do the big reveal and allow me to help you pick out your goodies.

Now, Let's Prepare!

Wardrobe - Shopping - Mindset

Let’s Talk Wardrobe

First, if it makes you feel hott, bring it! Something you feel confident and fierce in is always my go to recommendation. But lets get down to the nitty gritty.

Best colors: Neutral colors (black, white, tan, nude, and blush) or dark colors (burgundy, navy, emerald, plum, gray)

Style: bodysuits, crop top/bra & panties, high waisted panties, tight fitting tank tops, tight fitting slip dresses, shaper slips, bralettes

Shoes: I always recommend bringing a pair of house heels with you. Black is usually prefered but feel free to bring whatever you are most comfortable in and fits your style. Not a heels girl? Go barefoot! I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Extras: Want to add more to your look? Fishnet/ stockings, jewelry, robes, hats, etc.

Remember these are all suggestions. The most important thing is you feel comfortable and confident- because that is truly what is sexy! If you feel amazing in overalls and a trucker hat- girl, we will rock that out!

Where to shop?

Here is a list of some of my favorite lingerie shops and websites:

Oh LÀ LÀ Chéri

Fashion Nova

Frederick's of Hollywood

Victoria Secret

Pure Romance

Adore Me


Forever 21



La Senza


Frame of Mind

I believe perspective is everything! Getting yourself prepared and in the right frame of mind can make all the difference. Here are some things you can do mentally and physically to prepare for this really exciting experience:

Meditation | Maybe you've never done it before or don't like it at all. I recommend if you having trouble with this one- writing out 2 things. Why are you doing this? What am I worried about? Here are a few guided meditations to check out: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Yoga/ Stretching | Boudoir can be very physical. So I suggest to clients who don't normally stretch out, to start to a few weeks prior to their session- especially the lower back. This will help with posing and movement. Believe it or not, you will be sore the next day. Here are two great video to try out to release your: Lower Body OR Hips

Music | This can really set the tone for your session and help you relax or get hyped. I play music at all on my sessions and have put together a few playlists for you. Feel free to make you own or check out one of mine! Playlist 1, Playlist 2

Affirmations | Sometimes it is as simple as saying something out loud to yourself. I use this a lot to help myself stay focused and present. You can make them up for use one of these:

I got this, I am Amazing, I am good at what I do, I feel calm and confident, I believe in me, this session is going to be amazing, I love my body

This is just self care- but doing a few of these steps will help you get into a positive and relaxed state of mind not only for your session but for your everyday.


Jill has a natural eye for capturing you at your best angles to make you get that feel for the session you are looking for. She listens to all your concerns and had me going: oh my DAMN! When I saw all the photos. I was like, these are great!


I booked my session specifically to get a book made to give to my partner next month for our anniversary, and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it up. I’m so incredibly thrilled with the results from my time in the studio, and I highly recommend this wonderful team for all your boudoir needs and ideas!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you retouch the photos? Yes- but not all of them! Only the images that you purchase or print will be retouched to correct minor imperfections (such as pimples, unusual markings, redness in the skin, etc) I want you too look like you in the end so these touch ups are usually quite minimal

Do you have payment plans for products? If you opt for a payment plan, you must pay 20% of your total during your reveal and the remainder will be set up for a recurring payments for up to 3 months.

If I don't purchase my images at my reveal, can I come back later and get them? We want to make sure that you get your absolute favorite images, so we will keep your entire gallery on file for 30 days after your reveal for anything you may have missed. After that, we will deactivate your gallery, so make sure you get 'em while you can!! Or pay the $100.00 re-activation fee

Do you shoot on location? Provided I can approve the space beforehand this is definitely an option. Ample natural light is a must. I also love shooting outdoors if that is something you want to do!

Can I get naked? Absolutely. If you are comfortable, I suggest going naked for part of your session. It can be very liberating and hey, one less outfit your need to worry about.

The Investment

Sessions Fee - Products - Payment

Session Fee Includes:

  • Creative Photo Session + Guidance
  • Up to 3 outfit changes
  • Professional Makeup
  • Viewing Party
  • $100.00 print credit


Building your collection

Not sure what you want? Well here is where you get to build your own package to fit your story, style, and budget

Methods of Payment


Are your ready to book? To get started you can go ahead and will out this questionnaire for me and we will get you set up with a consultation.

jillbarrilephoto.com | 716-961-8939. | Buffalo, NY