Dear Reader,

It’s a whole 5 months plus since most parts of the country were shaken by the COVID-19! Its amazing how we human beings can be resilient and thrive in such hard times. As has been in the few past months we would like to share with your our milestones implementing a Diversity & Inclusion programme at Global Learning for Sustainability!

From undertaking an audit on Diversity & Inclusion commissioned by CIVICUS late last year to implementing key recommendations from the audit and now almost closing the second phase of the programme, we truly appreciate everyone, from volunteers ,staff, board members, consultants and partners in their respective capacities that have been able to be part of our Diversity & Inclusion activities.

More than ever, we are committed to lead as an example by upholding principles of Diversity & Inclusion, leading with feminist-lenses to tackle gender inequalities in workplaces, and communities around us.

If you have not thought about implementing a Diversity and Inclusion programme in your workplace ,we are here to walk this journey with you as we share and learn from each other.


D & I team, Global Learning for Sustainability

Learn more about our achievements and changes from our programme activities here.

We shall continue reaching out to other CSOs to build a more inclusive society free from discrimination and bias. Supporting CSOs to include Girls and Young Women in leadership positions to influence Gender norms and discriminatory practices, uplifting more excluded groups to have a voice and be accountable to communities served among others to ensure Inclusion.

Watch out for our next activities with 10 youth-led Civil Society Organizations who we will be supporting in creating more Inclusive workplaces by speaking to their HR policies.

Activity Photos During Implementation of D&I Pilot Project

See Link here to D&I engagement sessions with youth living with disabilities to promote gender and disability inclusion in sport activities.