Looks Madeleine George

I think my book takes place in like a town. I imagine valleys, peacefulness, with churches. Nice Paris apartments and small one story building schools. Lots of green with people who care and take care of their community.
My books specifically takes place in Valley Regional High. With one story brick building, full of soccer, hockey and football fields. With small parking lots for the teachers and a high steps onto the schools one floor.
I think my book takes place in the 2000's. I imagine and it is written, like it is modern. Kids are more immature, noisy and bossy. The teachers kind of care and speak weirdly in the sense of pretending like their talking to the president or a hobo.

The weather seems sunny and happy. But with bossy people it makes it more cloudy. The environment is just like a town, but some people are plain, having other people make them happy. With trees, restaurants, schools, and houses.

I feel like there is, like 500-600 people. The town feels small and cosy. With people that know each other well and there isn't a lot of people. Not a lot of restaurants, activities or houses, but the town has a lot of green.
Some objects would be jello because that is the only thing Aimee Zorn eats. Or her journal which she writes everything in because she wants to become a poet. Cara has a jeep that stands out. Or they all carry around binders to hold their work and tells me their in school.

I imagine their mood and atmosphere to be happy/ really gossipy. Also the kids are mean most of the time to the nerdy people, fat, anorexic, and more. But the older people are nice, caring and care about their community. Some people want revenge.

The setting contributes to the story because the main setting is the school. The book is about kids inside the school, Valley Regional High. The book is mainly about the setting. Megan one of the main characters knows everything about people and those people are in this high school.
Thank you!!


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