Jon Jones Mma/UFC

Jon Jones started fighting for his family. Jon now has a family and he said he wants to make money and care for his family. This is why Jon Jones started MMA to provide money,food and shelter, for his family. He wanted his kid to have a home and a father and actually have a good life. Jon has got better at MMA and he was getting more money to provide better stuff for his kid. After all he loves his family and his career.


In his childhood he must of argued with his sibling. Jon has two other siblings there both males. They both play NFL but they're not on the same team. Chandler Jones age is 26 years old,he is the youngest and he plays for the Cardinals. His number is 55 and also he is a outside linebacker.Jon Jones is the middle kid in the family and he is 29 years old. His older brother Arthur Jones is 30 years old,he play for the Colts his number is 97 and he is a defensive tackle. Jon probably didn't like being the little kid until he knew what MMA was!

Jon Jones weight is in the 200. Jon exactly weight 240 pounds. The reason Jon weighs that much is because he need to be big to burn of the fat to make it into muscle. Jon always eats healthy food so his career he has right now he can have when he's older. Jon only lost one fight out of 23. Jon does a lot of working out he likes to swim and practice. So if people think that Jon is fat no he's not it's all muscle.

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