Blender By: Meya

Job Duties and Type of Work

A blender places cleaned wool and other fibres, such as nylon, into large 'hoopers' which mix the fibres into a blend. They usually work 37-40 hours a week. This career can be found in any city that has a manufacturing mill available for the equipment to be in. This work is done indoors.

Educational Requirements

A Blender doesn't have a formal requirement of what they have to do. They can expect training to learn how to do it. There isn't really a good college to attend for this career but you could consider taking a vocational qualification, such as an ABC in Manufacturing Textile Products or Textile Technology.

Required Skills

Physical strength is required for this career. It does require moving heavy amounts of fabric. No, I don't have the skills for this job.

Job Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits: You get to see how different clothes are made and get quite the workout. Drawbacks:Working in a manufacturing mill, Loading and programming 'hoppers’ with fibres to create a blend


The starting salary of a Blender is around £12,000 a year. This could increase to around £15,000 a year with experience.

Professional Organizations

There aren't really any organizations to join as a blender. There isn't much information about them.

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