Launch of the WHO-Civil Society Organization Task Team Recommendations Digital toolkit

On December 7, 2018, the WHO-Civil Society Organization (CSO) Engagement Task Team will launch its report at the World Health Organization's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. You can utilize the messaging and graphics in the toolkit to help amplify the report's findings and support the launch event.

Key Resources

WHO-Civil Society Organization Engagement Task Team Website


#CivilSociety4Health (english)

#SociétéCivilePourSanté (french)

Social Media Messaging

Please use the social media messages, videos, and graphics below to help spread the word about the WHO-Civil Society Engagement Task Team launch.


Launching this Friday, 7 December! A new report from the @WHO-Civil Society Organization Engagement Task Team to enhance civil society engagement in global health decision-making. Watch live! #CivilSociety4Health http://who-meeting.webex.com/join/EBRoomEN

What does civil society engagement mean to you? Tell us by using #CivilSociety4Health in your tweets! [Attach Civil Society Engagement graphic]

For Thomas Ojambo, a project officer from Uganda Development and Health Associates, civil society engagement means collaboration across all levels for better implementation and health outcomes. Discover more. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Thomas Ojambo video]

Bruno Rivalan, Deputy Executive Director of Global Health Advocates (@GHAFrance) believes we must have civil society engagement to achieve health for all. Share what civil society engagement means to you using #CivilSociety4Health! [Attach Bruno Rivalan graphic]

As part of his efforts to ensure the @WHO can work to provide health for all, @DrTedros invited members of civil society to put together recommendations on how the enhance engagement between civil society orgs & WHO. Learn more. #CivilSociety4Health www.civilsociety4health.org [Attach Dr. Tedros graphic]

How will we achieve #SDG3, health and well-being for all? By ensuring civil society is engaged at all levels of global health decision making. Learn more. www.civilsociety4health.org #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Civil Society SDG 3 graphic]

Discover how we all must work together to achieve the Triple Billion! Check out the findings from the @WHO-Civil Society Engagement Task Team to see how members of civil society can help achieve health for all. #CivilSociety4Health www.civilsociety4health.org [Attach Together for the Triple Billion graphic]

.@UNFoundation's Vice President for Global Health, Kate Dodson, discusses why civil society engagement is critical to ensure we can reach the goal of health and well-being for all. #SDG3 #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Kate Dodson video]

Executive Director of @RESULTS_Tweets, Joanne Carter, talks about the important role civil society plays in shaping Global Health policies and programs and the work of the @WHO-Civil Society Organization Task Team. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Joanne Carter video]

Civil Society representative and global health advocate @maureenmurenga explains why civil society is well-positioned to shape health programs and policies, and will be key players in achieving #SDG3. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Maurine Murenga_Seat at the Table video]

Learn more about one of the @WHO-Civil Society Task Team recommendations, the importance of building civil society capacity, from global health advocate @maureenmurenga. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Maurine Murenga_Recommendations video]

Peter van Rooijen of @GFadvocates believes that civil society must play a key role in decision making if we are going to achieve the Triple Billion targets. #HealthForAll #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Peter van Rooijen_Triple Billion video]

"'Business as usual' will not allow us to achieve #HealthForAll. We must innovate. @WHO should look to civil society as disruptive innovators and engines of change.” -Steve Davis, President and CEO, @PATHtweets. Learn more. #CivilSociety4Health www.civilsociety4health.org

Discover why Peter van Rooijen of @GFadvocates thinks that Policy Dialogue is one of the most important recommendations from the @WHO-Civil Society Engagement Task Team. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Peter van Rooijen_Recommendations video]

Roopa Dhatt, ED & Co-Founder of @womeninGH & WHO-CSO Task Team member, says she looks forward to @WHO-CSO collabs "to develop strong & coherent policies on gender, youth, equity & rights & ensure those policies form a strong foundation for health for all." #CivilSociety4Health

President and CEO of @WomenDeliver, @Katja_Iversen, says civil society can be an invaluable partner to help achieve a healthier, better world for all. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Katja Iversen_WHO-CSO Task Team video]

.@gavi knows that #HealthForAll means leaving no one behind. To learn more about how civil society engagement can be enhanced to better reach the vulnerable, visit www.civilsociety4health.org. #CivilSociety4Health [Attach Gavi quote graphic]

Civil society represents the view of many, including young people. By allowing all voices to be heard, civil society engagement makes it possible for health and well-being for all to become possible. Learn more: www.civilsociety4health.org. #CivilSociety4Health #HealthForAll [attach International Federation of Medical Students' Associations quote graphic]

Health is a building block for people everywhere to reach their full potential. By partnering with civil society at all levels, global health institutions will help us go farther faster in our goal to achieve #HealthForAll. #CivilSociety4Health [attach International Pediatrics Association quote graphic]


What will it take to achieve health and well-being for all? One key step is involving members of civil society in all levels of global health decision making. To foster this engagement, @World Health Organization [tag] Director-General Dr. @Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus [tag] invited the creation of a task team which worked to identify opportunities to enhance WHO-civil society engagement. On December 7, the task team will launch their recommendations to move us closer to SDG 3. Learn more. #CivilSociety4Health #HealthForAll www.civilsociety4health.org

Why is civil society engagement important to create a better world? Learn more from the @United Nations Foundation [tag]'s Vice President for Global Health, Kate Dodson, as she explains civil society's impact on achieve health and well-being for all. Learn more: www.civilsociety4health.org [attach Kate Dodson video]

"It's about standing side-by-side and bringing the critical perspectives, experience, and skills to help achieve equitable access to health. If we want to achieve health and well-being for all, civil society must play a key role in decision making." --Dr. Joanne Carter, Executive Director of @RESULTS [tag] Discover more about the impact civil society partnerships can have. [attach Joanne Carter video] #CivilSoceity4Health www.civilsociety4health.org


How can we achieve health and well-being for all? By partnering with civil society organizations and enhancing their engagement at all levels of decision making for global health. Learn more about the recommendations of the @WHO-Civil Society Engagement Task Team at www.civilsociety4health.org. #Health4All #SDG3 #CivilSociety4Health [Civil Society Engagement Graphic]

To reach @WHO's ambitious Triple Billion targets to ensure health and well-being is possible for all, civil society must be engaged at all levels of global health decision making. Discover how civil society organizations can enhance their involvement at www.civilsociety4health.org. #HealthForAll #CivilSociety4Health #TogetherForTheTripleBillion [Together for the Triple Billion graphic]

Sustainable Development Goal 3 is "health and well-being for all." Civil society will be a key partner at all levels of global health policies and programs if we are going to be able to meet this goal. See how this can be possible here: www.civilsociety4health.org #CivilSociety4Health #SDG3 #HealthForAll [SDG3 graphic]

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