Moments frozen in time


The hectic life in an urban city often leads us to have little time to spend on admiring the beautiful surroundings that we are in. We do not stop often enough to observe nature and we take it for granted. Perhaps if everyone made time to look at the trees, the plants, the unnoticed blade of grass, and understood the debt we owe them, there wouldn't be this problem of global warming, and plants wouldn't just be the unwatered, wilting ornament on your desk, or the decoration you walk past every day, every night in your office.

"Ordinary Decisions"

We are the result of our decisions. Whether these decisions are big, critical decisions, or small ones, like the decision on the contents of a message to a friend, or if you should sleep late in order to do your homework, they are decisions nevertheless. I feel that ordinary decisions impact us the most, perhaps because we do not think too much about ordinary decisions, thus they can cause us so much pain or joy or regret. "Ordinary Decisions" is a collection of photographs that show my ordinary, everyday life and through that, I wish to convey the importance and meaning of ordinary decisions.

"More Than Academics"

Recently, I read somewhere that school is more than academics, it is about learning how to deal with the harshness of life and overcoming adversities and making friends and perhaps that is true. As the photographer, I wanted to convey the message that school is "More Than Academics" through the friendship, the dedication seen in these photos.


The first photograph is mostly covered by raindrops on a window pane and is in black and white. This was taken on the train and through this photograph, I wish to convey the message that no matter how arduous, how painful our journey can be, we should continue living and keep on going. The train never stops, even if it rains, and I feel that we should never stop trying as well.


This photograph has no intended purpose and should be interpreted by the audience.


Being rather introverted, I don't have many friends and with that comes the title of "Loner" and being picked the last for any group work. Friends to me are a privilege as I don't come by them very often and thus I should learn to cherish them. Perhaps with time, this may change and I may have many friends, however unlikely that may be. Current friends may be less than strangers in the future, thus, photography to me is a way that i can remember them and the wonderful memories we had together.

"Looking GLass"
"Silhouettes And The Sun"

There is only darkness as there is light. What i mean is that everything in life needs to have a balance and to achieve that balance is crucial part of life, and how I show this through the above photographs is by showing a light source (the Sun) and the silhouettes that form because of it.


"We all change when you think about it. We are all different people all through our lives. And that's okay, that's good, you've got to keep moving. So long as you remember all the people that you used to be." -The Eleventh Doctor

We all change, and with change, sometimes comes pain, adversity and a reluctance. As long as we remember the identities of the people that we were, change does not have to be bad, it does not have to change who we really are. How I show change in these last few photographs is by photographing the things that I see everyday and at different stages in my life, when I look back to see these photographs, I will have different views on them, and I will then know I have changed.

Created By
Lee Sze Tze

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