Imperialism Around the World by Spencer hardy

What is Imperialism? Imperialism is the states enforcing power against another through diplomacy or military forces. In other words, a larger country with power taking over a smaller country with less power.

The United States invaded Haiti in July 1915, where they soon took over Haiti for the next 27 years to come. Haiti was governing their own government before the U.S secured control many years before, but the American government believed that they were not ready for self-governing and democracy. They used propaganda to convince the American public saying Haitian political process as uncivilized. Over time the Haitian government agreed to the U.S terms, and would continue to be over seen by the U.S government, while moving on with the practice of propaganda. (wiki)

The British showed an example of imperialism among the Egyptians. The Egyptian social and political structures were pressing forward in 1870's by growing and selling cotton to the other economies around the world, especially the American continent, but they were borrowing heavily form European states, and when the price of cotton fell Egypt became bankrupted and was under monitoring of the French and British governments. The Egyptians then lead a mutiny against European encroachment, and then British took control fully in 1882. They would hold control while facing numerous attacks from Egyptian Ottoman rulers, until 1952 when they removed the last troops of in Egypt. (classroom)

The French first occupied African soil, Algeria in 1830. Between 1832 and 1837 two wars were fought, were the French won, and in a third war from 1840-1841 rural Berbers united behind a Berber lead of Abd al'Qadir, but again failed to defeat the French. They pressed their forced back into Morocco, an independent country, and took control of Morocco in 1847, but they would soon sign a treaty and leave Morocco. Over time they would then move to Senegal, Soudan, the Ivory Coast, and Dahomey conquering and seizing control. (

Cuba is an example of being a victim of imperialism. The Spanish first ruled Cuba under imperialism, but as the result of the American-Spanish war in 1898, they lost control, and Cuba got independence until 1901 where the U.S gained control over Cuba. They continued to rule Cuba for several years.

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