The Divine a Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience

What stood out to me the most when I entered the theater was the sheer size of the Theater. This soon made sense to me when the play began. As the lights dimmed, I felt like I was sucked into a different world. The world that the characters of the play resided in. Rather than just the stage, it was almost as if the entire theater was a part of the play. The size of the theater perfectly captured the feeling of a different world. It allowed me to feel like I was witnessing the event first hand.

Picture of me outside the Theater

The Social Experience

I originally attended the play with a mindset of just going for the grade. However, I actually did enjoy watching it. Although I personally went alone, I did see people that I knew. Realizing that it wasn't just me, I began to appreciate the art know as drama much more.

One of the Displays at the theater

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

From the play, I felt the central issues it addressed were "corruption of the church" and the "disparity between upper class and lower class". Before the performance, I recognized the harsh conditions that the lower class experienced back in that time period, however it was not relatable. The play creates characters of various backgrounds that allows the audience to truly feel these struggles. The transformation that Michaud goes through throughout the play is also impressive. He starts out as an ignorant boy and after seeing the harshness of reality makes it his goal to convey the sufferings of the lower class. Michaud's original viewpoints made me realize that one doesn't choose to be ignorant, he/she is born into it. It is because Michaud was born in such a wealthy family that he was ignorant of the sufferings of Talbot.

One of the pieces in the lobby of the theater

Emotional Experience

Life is not fun and games. There is a lot of unfairness in the world. Not only this, humans themselves are not perfect and are prone to make mistakes. Only by acknowledging these imperfections can individuals improve and become better human beings. I believe this is the driving force of Karthasis. The play grants an opportunity for Katharsis. It reveals the ugliness of human nature as it gives the priests, a symbol of holiness, the role of the villain. It also shows a world driven by materialistic greed as the Boss of the factory forces workers to make shoes in horrible conditions. By showing all of these shortcomings, The Divine. Allows us to not make the same mistakes as did the characters in the play.

Picture of me outside the theater

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