Katy Perry

  1. Katy Perry's real name is called Kathryn elizabeth Hudson She was born October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, in California.She has an older sister, Angela, and younger brother, Dan. Katy Perry can perform at the Britt Awards and she can also perform at the Church of her childhood.Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. After having three record deals fall apart, she signed with Capitol in 2007. Later that year, she released her first single, "Ur So Gay." Still, her career did not fully take off until the release of her next single, "I Kissed a Girl First of all, I'm no fan of Katy Perry, but she can really sing. It is probably due to the nature of the music that doesn't justify her vocals. And the reason why the music is made in such a way, is due to market demands. But having a good voice is not the only key Perry is known for her style of fashion, wearing unconventional outfits that feature bold colors and vintage fashion. Katy Perry Net Worth: $ 130 Million.
  2. Katy Perry's Income / Salary:
  3. Per Year: $15,000,000.
This is Katy Perry as a baby. Isin'nt she cute.
Katy Perry as a child.
This is Katy perry's house and the price of her house is 18 million

Katy perry's job is she is a composer , song writer , business person , music person , model , philanthropist , music artist , recorded producer, singer son writer and voice actor.

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