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Hey guys, the past couple of days have been crazy for everyone in the Capulet household. The madness started the night juliet met her first true love, Romeo . Ever since this happened everything has changed. Our lives will never be the same because of Juliets love for Romeo. The thing is Romeo possess's the last name of a Montague, which is our arch nemesis

It's my responsibility in this family too make Juliet happy. And if Romeo is what makes Juliet happy, then I will help and guide her in the best way I can. Even if its not the smartest idea. Let me tell you everything from the beginning so I don't confuse you guys.

Day one, it started when we got the news that Paris wanted to marry Juliet. We were all pretty excited about the news besides Lord Capulet. He didn't deny Paris's request to marry Juliet but he left the decision up to Juliet. Which was pretty odd because usually us woman don't have the choice to decide who we want to marry.

Lord Capulet invited Paris to the party we had the other night and told him that Juliet will be there and he can make an impression on her there. Juliet was pretty excited to possible discover her true love that night. I was so happy to see my Juliet all grown up and possible move on to the next step of her life.

Day 2, The party was almost about to start and Juliet was all dressed up and ready to go. I wanted to make sure Juliet looked very pretty for the party because she was going to meet new boys. The party was going good and everyone seemed like they were having fun. But the strange thing was that did she not fall in love with Paris that night. She fell in love with an unexpected visitor, a MONTAGUE! When i spotted them together I had to get Juliet away from him because if her parents spotted her with Romeo, she would be in deep trouble.

Day 3, The next morning Juliet was telling me that she is in love with Romeo and she wants to marry him. I kept on questioning her about it because this all seemed to be going to fast but I could tell Romeo made her happy so I went out and met him myself. Romeo was a handsome kind boy who seemed to love Juliet very much. I was a little hard on Romeo with all of the questions because I wanted to make sure that he is the right person for Juliet. He told me too tell Juliet that he wanted to get marred today, so I did. Juliet was extremely happy about the news. We all had to keep the marriage on the down low because if either family found out about the marriage, both Romeo and Juliet would be disowned. So we went to Friar Lawrence and they got married.

Day 4, Later that day after the marriage of Romeo and Juliet, Our family got horrible news. Our cousin Tybalt had been slayed.........................................................BY ROMEO!!!!!!!???!!!!??! We were all furious with Romeo actions. I had to break the news to Juliet that her cousin had died and her husband was to be banished. Juliet was all upset that she can never see her husband ever again. She didn't seem to be upset that her cousin had just got killed. Juliet wanted me to go find Romeo and tell him that she wants to see him one last time. So I went to see Romeo at the Friars cell. Romeo was a emotional wreck about the situation but he was happy that he can still see Juliet one last time before he leaves.

Everything bad is happening all at once, ever since Juliet met Romeo, everything has gone down hill. Nothing will ever be the same in the Capulet household. I wonder what else will await us. The only thing we can do ls pray and hope for the best.


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