Breath System Reboot by: Yorrick Sutton

Common Exhibit

For the common exhibit of the breath system, I decided to use the suggested technique when I was preparing to take my exam for my Spanish 1020 class. On the day of the exam, I was still tired from the night before. I hadn't had much sleep due to the fact that I was nervous about the exam so I stayed up late studying so that I could make sure that I performed well. The way that the class is designed the exam is taken during the class period, so I had to make sure that I did not oversleep for my 8 a.m. class as it would have quite literally affected my grade. Although I did make it to my class on time, I did not wake up until 7:30 am so all I had time to do was throw my clothes on, pack my bag, and head to class. My mental state upon arrival was very unfocused and in a flurry. Taking all these into account I decided that the breathing technique used for relaxing might be able to help me calm down whenever I couldn't focus or when I got nervous. I decided that it would be best if I did it before I started the actual exam and then did it at 10 minutes intervals or whenever I couldn't think. The desk was a bit awkwardly shaped so I made do with the space that was available to me. I made sure to put down my pencil and close my eyes. I did as suggested and tried to release the tension in my shoulders, jaw, neck, and the space between my eyes. I followed this with the recommended three long breaths. It felt a bit weird the first time I did it, but it started to feel more natural after the third and fourth time. By the end of the test I was totally relaxed and because of that, I was able to go back over my test and find several mistakes. After double-checking to make sure that I hadn't forgot anything, I turned in my test. A few days later I was pleased to find that I had received an 88.5% for my exam. I do believe that this reboot had an influence on my success. Had I not been able to calm myself down and focus, I doubt that I would have made as high of a grade on my exam.


Created with images by Wonderlane - "HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche displaying the vitarka mudrā, Teaching, Giving Instruction, Reason, Preaching, Transmission of the Dharma mudra, after a visit to the Sakya Dharma Center, 1976, SeaTac Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA"

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