Social Media Strategy by yasmine chioukh , helios ruiz, victoire feys , ismail el oussoul

As you may know, GoPro is selling, cameras and drone, so our main goal is to aim at making our users able to create quality content by recording events of their everyday life but also to share it on an online platform. As you can notice on our website we emphasise the notion of “sharing”. First of all sharing content between users by uploading their video on online platform but also and most important sharing a moment, an experience while recording your content with our products. In brief, our main slogan is “capture+share your word”.

That is why we want to developed our own “online community” in the frame of our social media strategy. An online community where our users would be able to interact and to share with each other. Even though it is virtual we want to create a great bound between each users in order for them as you wrote in your slides “to pursue mutual interests and goals”.

Now about the design of our strategy strictly speaking. We first off all want at a corporate level to raise brand awareness by creating a community. GoPro products are made to record events you could not normally record with a normal camera, meaning that most of our users use our products while doing extreme activities such as skiing, sky diving, hiking for example. That is why in order to create a community we could organise sports events or championship or simply sponsorise existing and already well-known event. By sponsoring or organising sports event such as marathons, iron man’s or skiing competition for example, athletes and the crowd will know that they are all here for the same purpose and for the same event, organised by our brand. It will of course raise brand as those events are mediatized but most important it will allow us to build our own community as people realise they are together sharing a unique moment thanks to GoPro.

Second of all about or online community and maybe the most important part of our strategy is the co-creation platform that we believe is the best way to build a real strong and influential community. In order for our users to enjoy the full availability and accessibility of our co-creation platform, we would target several fields. This assignment is focusing on social medias and not specially the social networks, we noticed that the most powerful online community are gathered on social networks through the use of Facebook’s group or Twitter’s hashtags for instance. Hashtags will encourage people to use our products and then share the content and videos they created. This will encourage people to interact and create a real community. Moreover it will help us to gather videos and images for our future advertisement.

In addition, we are aware of today’s challenges in the social medias world and having a strongly recognised and shared Youtube channel is essential to build a community. In the framework of this Youtube channel and co-creation platform we want our users to get involved with us. Users will be able to submit their video on our website and we will select the best of them for our channel or advertisement. We are really aiming at creating a participative customer-driven platform as we believe it is key to success. We want our users to feel involved in our process and to co-construct and contribute to the experience or service.

Another social media we could use is micro-blogging. By using micro-blogging, GoPro would be able to increase awareness. GoPro is currently releasing two new products, GoPro hero 5 and drone Karma. Consequently it’s important to make sure that people are aware of this. Thanks to micro-blogging, the company can give their clients important announcement and get feedback. A good way to raise awareness would also be to share tips and new updates about those new products as well as sharing videos and photos that will give the posts a personality and at the same time show the customers how the products works and their quality. Micro-blogging would also enable the company to target their customers by following people that might be interested in the products. For example, GoPro could publish on Tumblr photos or videos taken by the new Hero 5 with the #hero5 to let know their customers what they should expect from the product and make them aware of the product’s release. The company could also use Posterous to publish small posts about those products like tips or the date of the release or even creat events that are automatically published Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, Blogger, Picasa, WordPress, Facebook and a handful of others to increase awareness a maximum in a minimum of time.

RSS is a standardized system for the distribution of content from an online publisher to Internet users. RSS will enable GoPro to increase awareness while building a community. Indeed, all the people interested in GoPro can subscribe to the feed and get a notification each time the company publish something new with no additional costs. For instance, if GoPro publish “ the Hero 5 will be released on April 1st” , all the people that have subscribed to the feed will know it and this will increase awareness around the product and around the brand and create a stronger community because the consumers will feel more involved in the brand’s actions. This will also improve the speed at which it communicates new opportunities by communicating with potential retailers, clients. Moreover, if GoPro published a good content about

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