Tidbits from Team Smesges a report from INTERIM Co-superintendents Mr. chris smedley & Mrs. heather Noesges


We hope your fall break was relaxing and enjoyable. We are looking forward to beginning the second quarter as we move into the fall season.

MVCSC School Board of Trustees Passes Resolution to Not Allow New Transfer/Out-of-District Students

The MVCSC Board of Trustees has passed a resolution, effective October 1, 2018 through June 1, 2019, to not accept new transfer/out-of-district students (preschool through grade 12.) The Board of Trustees is passing this resolution due to the in-district housing growth that is impacting the Mt. Vernon schools.

MVCSC administration meets quarterly with the economic development representatives from the county and all three towns in our district to assess housing growth and developments. This information helps Mt. Vernon assess and prepare for future growth.

The following are exclusions to this resolution and these children may attend MVCSC:

  • Currently enrolled transfer/out-of-district students and their siblings
  • Foreign exchange students attending through a contractual relationship
  • Employees' children

The transfer/out-of-district student resolution will be reevaluated each spring. Out-of-district parents/guardians who are interested in having their children attend Mt. Vernon should contact the school after April 2019 to see if the MVCSC School Board of Trustees has chosen to modify or keep this resolution the same for the following year.


We are nearing completion....

The carpet in the new hallway is being installed in the next few weeks...

The construction of the middle school project is nearing completion. We are on target to finish this project ahead of schedule. We are planning to have an open house in the coming weeks for the community to see the new middle school additions.

Yours in Education,

Chris & Heather

Mr. Chris Smedley, CFO & Interim Co-Superintendent & Mrs. Heather Noesges, Dir. of Elem Education & Interim Co-Superintendent


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