The Factors of Relationships By kendall guagenti

The factors


If you have a relationship with someone, it is necessary to be compatible. Having similar goals and backgrounds as another person greatly increases the chance of having a successful relationship


"Two people in love must interact with each other on a regular basis through various modes of communication such as telephone, emails, letters (though exchanging letter is now considered an outdated form of communication)"(unit7). It's very important to understand the importance of communicating to fix problems in a relationship.


Honestly is extremely important. Do not lie even if you fear consequences, own up to them, they may not be as bad as if your partner found out on their own. "Remember every problem has a solution"(unit7).


Fighting over small things and dragging them out can make the problem even worse. Forgive a mistake and help your partner learn from it.


Time is very important in relationships. Take the time to get to know your spouse instead of moving into things too quickly. Learn about them and love those things you learn. Make sure you take the time to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. Things like that makes love even stronger. "Married couples must take time out for each other for the charm to stay in relationship forever"(unit7).

My Story

Over the summer, I dated a boy named Jack Pugh. Being in highschool, relationships weren't really my thing as I saw them to be pointless. Me and Jack had been friends for quite awhile and had the same interests and friends. We became close and eventually started dating. We got into fights but always took the time to communicate the issues and figure it out. I was very happy with him. Unfortunately he moved to California and things just didn't work out but we still have a fantastic friendship.


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