Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum by: Roberto Coltraro

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Seeing this piece by John Chamberlain in person aided in my further appreciation of it. Seeing this industrial-weight aluminum foil compressed ball appealed to my engineering side. As a mechanical engineering, I was immediately drawn to this piece as I quickly realized the labor and techniques necessary to create this masterpiece. What I am most impressed with is the process of molding aluminum foil into this very irregular shape, it is clear the metal was not melted and casted due to the wrinkles present all over the piece. Which most likely means that this piece was shaped by a lot of hammering until it was formed into Chamberlain's desired shape. What this artwork communicated to me above al is that hard work pays off, I can only imagine how many strikes of the hammer this piece took to make perfect. How many little adjustment it took until Chamberlain's vision came to life. This piece really inspired me to persevere on things that matter to me, to continue until my goal is reached no matter how little adjustments are needed.

Design of the Museum

I found the Asian Art wing particularly interesting, above all other exhibits. I think the designers and architects used the element of nature very well and in a fitting way to correlate with Asian culture. At the far end of the wing theres a huge glass wall that not only lets natural light shine on the art but also further absorbs the audience in Asian culture with a preview of the asian garden outside. Even though all artworks in the Harn Museum are sufficiently lit, the freshness of natural light on the art give a sense of purity which allow one to further appreciate the art. Furthermore, along with the nature theme, the entire exhibit is presented in rich wood floors and walls. The designers of this wing really took into account the huge role that nature plays in this culture and rightfully implemented it here to appropiately showcase its art. Overall this exhibit gave me a since of calmness and purity, from the natural light to the wood all around, i feel that the design aided me in the art's appreciation.

Art and Core Values

This piece titled Family, by Agustin Cardenas, immediately impacted me as soon as I laid eyes upon it. Since I was born my parents have instilled in my values that I will carry on for the rest of my life, one of those being the importance of family. This piece pushes me to further think this core value, it is portrayed as one single piece with no separations from one another. Reflecting on the fact that family always stays together no matter the circumstance. If one looks at this masterpiece from the back it actually looks like a human heart, which reflects upon me the idea that family is vital to a happy and good life. This artwork really fills me with gratitude and and appreciation for the family that I have and that without them I would not be where I am today. I not only owe them for all they have given me but above all the love they have and will forever have for me. This masterpiece more clearly helps me understand what a blessing my family is because it makes me realize that without them I would not even have a chance at living the good life.

Art and the Good Life

This pice done by Joel Shapiro, portrays the biggest part of living a Good Life, happiness. It clearly shows a human figure in a nostalgic state, with its arms extended and its head cocked back in a happy way. To me this piece portrays the essential key to living a happy life, happiness, not to be confused with pleasure that can lead to a false interpretation of the Good Life. This piece portrays the theme of the essentiality of being happy and without it the Good Life is not possible. This masterpiece adds to my appreciation of this theme because it exemplifies the benefits that come with the aspect of the Good Life. Like having confidence in yourself, and being satisfied and joyous in one's abilities and current state like the sculpture portrays.

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