September Relayer Of The Month Tom Steen

Why Tom Relays

I Relay primarily for two of my aunts that have passed away from cancer related issues and for the two of my aunts that are currently fighting. I also Relay to help bring the community of Lake Forest College together for a cause that is larger than an individual.

Why he was nominated

Tom has been a part of the Relay For Life of Lake Forest College throughout his time in college. Tom is apart of the football team and under his dual leadership of Relay and Football, we have been able to grow the Athletics involvement with the event. As the captain of the football team, Tom makes sure that his teammates are dedicated, active team members; requiring that all football team members raise $100 by Relay, and participant in the two annual football team fundraisers; Men in Tights, and the O-Line Oh Yeah calendar (all proceeds benefiting their Relay For Life Team).

Tom is an advocate for not only sharing the Relay story, but is also shares with everyone the mission of the American Cancer Society and what the dollars we raise can help to fund. Instead of sharing how much money we raised last year, he instead shared what we were able to fund!

We had an activities fair on campus today and Tom embodied the Relay spirit. He talked to everyone who so much as glanced at our table and the large football man wearing a purple boa on his head (because it's a Relay table, so why not deck yourself out in a purple sparkly boa). Tom's leadership last year took LFC's Relay over goal to become the first Pacesetter Event in Illinois, and I am sure he will make sure that happens again this year!

Know an incredible volunteer like Tom?

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