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I took advanced art so i could make something beautiful and express my feelings.I also took it so i could further my knowledge of how to do art.

This is what im most proud of.

My art has improved some this year. I have improved on my clay bowls, my charcoal has improved greatly and i have improved on my paints. I am confident with my art skills but there is always room to improve.

if i can have more time on any project i would have more time on this one because i need more time than i have to find the right colors.

The artistic behaviors i display most are observing my art and taking risks. I observe because i am paying very close attention to the colors of my paints and when i throw clay i am paying close attention to how thick everything is. I take risks like with the ocean paint and i like to expirement with the pots to see how it goes.

my goal is to be able to make some high walled pots and to be able to at least work with watercolors

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