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I took advanced art so i could make something beautiful and express my feelings.I also took it so i could further my knowledge of how to do art.

This is what im most proud of.

My art has improved some this year. I have improved on my clay bowls, my charcoal has improved greatly and i have improved on my paints. I am confident with my art skills but there is always room to improve.

if i can have more time on any project i would have more time on this one because i need more time than i have to find the right colors.

The artistic behaviors i display most are observing my art and taking risks. I observe because i am paying very close attention to the colors of my paints and when i throw clay i am paying close attention to how thick everything is. I take risks like with the ocean paint and i like to expirement with the pots to see how it goes.

my goal is to be able to make some high walled pots and to be able to at least work with watercolors

Febuary 2017

Here are some more of my bowls
These bowls were challenging because glazing them is very difficult and im currently working on a green pot with a flower.(its down below) since these are challenging they have helped me improve my bowl making skills and i have even challenged myself by hand building a big cookie jar.
If i were to change something I would use more clay. I feel like I can control a bigger amount of clay so I am slowly working up to it.
when i was making all of these i had inspiration from pots and bowls that ive seen from places and changed them up to make my own stuff. An example of this is my hand built pot. I thought it would be cool to have a pot that looked like winnie the pooh's honey pot but as i was making it i decided to change it up a bit and make it weirdly shaped.

March 2017

Since the last time i learned how to make taller cylinders. I tried to carve out the sides of the one on the right.(It worked yay!) I learned that if one hand is lower than the other it turns into a bowl. I learned this after about 5 lbs of bowls.

I took a couple risks throwing including the carving up there. The bowl and the teacup were also risks because i did not know how to do these things but i took a risk and it turned out good.

Throwing clay is a meaningful and engaging task for me because i like to do it and i try lots of different things when i throw. I also try to see what i can comeup with.

What i love about throwing is that it is generally a quicker art form so when i start i dont forget what i was planning on doing with it like i did with the painting of the sea.

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