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2015 | Rock

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“The flames of tyranny, fueled by the souls of deceived. -- The beauty of being, something you can't take from me.”



Luke Tatum

"People begging to be enslaved." Yes, I fear that is the political climate these days. There is a lot of action in the Democratic Party as they gear up for the 2020 election cycle, and while there may be some differences between candidates, they certainly have one thing in common: They expect you to kneel. They are preaching unity, and this song provides opposition to that: "Replace individuality with shackles in unity; Ask yourself, "Am I free?" No pride in kneeling!" Pride is something that has definitely been missing. As far as I can tell, this decline goes back to the post-Vietnam era. Men were raised to fight honorable fights and defend their homeland, but in a wicked betrayal they were sent away fora meaningless war that couldn't be won, and were slaughtered by the thousands. The reaction to that was to shy away from masculinity altogether. We have been struggling with a strain of weakness ever since. Not that there aren't great men, but they are fewer.

Sherry Voluntary

Reminiscent of Tool, this song is about power and collectivism, verses freedom and individuality. “Replace individuality with shackles in unity.” Whether calls to create a special groups protected by special laws, or the biggest collectivization in history “We the people,” collectives are ways to separate people into special categories that have either special privileges or punishments, neither of which begets more freedom for all individuals. The State also governs with collectivised consent, “the flames of tyranny fueled by the souls of the deceived.” Those who continue to play politics and war, and believe that if only the right people were in office, that there would have freedom, justice, and equality. Those are the kneeling and and there is certainly no pride in that.

Nicky P

One thing I think about a lot is all the people who move on from the movement. I think about the siren song of collectivism. People who were anarchists for years find their way back the ideological plantation far too often. I bring it up on this song because i'm specifically curious because of when this song came out. For some reason there is a line of demarcation that president Trump created in modern American history. Many people I would have considered freedom loving friends of liberty caught a case of TDS (both varieties.) I messaged the band and got a read notification when i asked about the lyrics to the song but never heard back. I wonder if this call to be an individual and not give in to the mob is something the writer looks back on as a pock on their growth. I certainly hope not but either way they created this and just like Rush, they don't need to hold the philosophy still for me to appreciate the message of the song.

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Nicky P

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