Eiko Ojala by courtney threlkeld

Eiko Ojala is a renowned illustrator and graphic designer. He lives in Tallinn, Estonia. He works mostly digitally and draws everything by hand. Within his work process Eiko likes to study the forms of shapes and to work closely with light and shadow. He likes to keep his illustrations minimal and well-advised and combines craftsmanship with a healthy sprinkling of wit.

Myths-about re-inventing myths to fit them into our contemporary world. The aim of this project was to explore the ideas and themes which are both part of old myths and are still relevant in modern times.

He tends to use the same color schemes throughout most of his work not all.

Gun Violence

He has won awards for, New Zealand Best Design, Creative Pool Annual with “Gun Violence” 2016 (US), Communication Arts “55th Annual\” 2014” (US), Communication Arts “55th Annual\” 2014” (US). ect


Uses paper-cutting, photography and digital elements. to create most of the work.

All Year Round- shows different seasons and activities to do.
Creating book covers. This one is called Illustration now!

One thing I admire about his work is, he found his style. If i found a picture in a magazine or on the wed I would know it's a Eiko Ojala.

I Found My Silence
I Found My Silence

He has had a lot of clients such as, Art Direcors Club (US), New York Times Magazine (US), Harvard Business Review (US), HBO (US), Herman&Miller (US), Intel (US), Scientific American (US), and many more not only in the United States.

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