Tattoos on the Heart Book Project By: RYlie HYDA

PREFACE & INTRODUCTION: The theme of the preface and introduction was the founding of Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Insustries has changed many lives and continues to inspire more. My favorite part was Luis's story when he noticed that all he hears white people say is GREAT but then when he bought an apartment to raise his daughter in she also said it was GREAT. This story showed me that people can really change in their life. Homeboy Industry is a gift from God brought ne Father Gregory Boyle.

CHAPTER 3 COMPASSION: This chapters theme was that God is compassion. Out of nowhere we can feel a sense of compassion for another and that is God's love working through our lives. My favorite story was when Dennis helped Anthony and taught him everything he knew about mechanics. This showed me that compassion is genuine and equal. God made us all equal but compassion shows us that not everyone remains that way.
CHAPTER 4 WATER, OIL, FLAME: To me this chapters theme is resilience. We may suffer from something or fall back in life but God is always there to help us in any way. My favorite character is Danny in this chapter. I think the story is funny when he draws Fr. Greg and it turns out looking nothing like him. To me this story is communicating the idea that God is telling us not to move and that we're perfect how we are.
CHAPTER 5 SLOW WORK: This chapter was about God's slow work in our lives. We might not always recognize God working in our lives but he's always there. My favorite story was Joey's because he got a job at Chuck E. Cheese all for his son. The story is very inspirational and it shows us how dedicated he is to change for his son. God is always slowly changing our lives piece by piece.


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