My Story in Agriculture Macy Halverson

Agriculture is a part of everyone's life, no matter who you are. This is how it affects me.

Living in Iowa is almost like an advantage. We all know so much about agriculture and where everything comes from. The thing is someone might know more about one part of agriculture than another.

I, myself, raise a few head of beef cattle that I then show at local fairs.

{Hard work, high pay off} Here I am pictured with one of my steers after washing him. Blowing him off with the blower will not only dry the hair but make the hair grow faster. Hoping that all of the hard work pays off in the summer. Picture credits: Tessa Halverson Wadena, IA

Not everyone raises beef to show, so show cattle get treated pretty well these days.

{Red, White, and Roan} One of our show steers this year is pictured in this photograph. He was purchased in Decorah, Iowa. His is from the bull Red, White, and Roan and definitely proves that. Picture credits: Macy Halverson Wadena, IA

Being involved with show cattle means a lot of hours in the barn.

Plus those hours make some great photos!

Even though I raise show cattle as a hobby, I also just started a job on a farm right outside of West Union, IA.

One thing I do at my job is feed the babies that are still on the bottle.
Once the weather is nice, I also have to wash his cows and heifers.

Agriculture is a huge part of my life in my free time, but it also is a big part of my school life as well.

Our wonderful Ag Marketing/Sales class is pictured here as we study the drone flying over the field during harvest time. Picture credit: Rachael Strong West Union, IA

Agriculture not only has impacted myself, but the whole world. Agriculture will always be a part of my life.

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