Ireland By: Josie


Ireland is in Europe. The population of Ireland is 4,775,982. They speak English in Ireland. They use euros as money. The time difference is +4 hours.


Did you know that the Blarney Stone was built in 1446 in Cork? Cork is in Ireland and known to be green because of the shamrocks and fields. People come to Ireland to kiss the Blarney stone, celebrate good Friday, and learn about Brian Boru.

The Blarney Stone is a famous tourist place in Ireland. The Blarney stone is near the village of Blarney, Inside the Blarney castle. Lot's of people come to kiss the Blarney stone each year. They hope to gain more eloquent speech. Building Blarney castle required many hands, and many years. It was designed to provide safety in case of attack. To kiss the Blarney stone you lean backwards from the parapet walk. For some people kissing the Blarney stone is difficult. The Blarney stone is certainly a cool place to visit.
The king of Ireland, Brian Boru was born in 941 and died April 23, 1014. He was born in Killaloe Country Clare . He was high king of Ireland from 1002 to 1014. Brian was the first king of united Ireland. Brian Was also very brave for his country. He was even willing to die for the cause of Christianity. Brian was killed by a viking while he was in a tent. Brian Boru was sure a great king of Ireland.

Good Friday

Food that people eat on Good Friday

Good Friday is a holiday in Ireland. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter. A traditional food made on this holiday is hot cross buns. If a baby is born on Good Friday, it will get the gift of healing. Good means holy, and Good Friday is also called Holy Friday. On Good Friday the churches aren't decorated, and they are left dark. Good Friday is for sure an important holiday.

Do You consider going to Ireland? Ireland is known to have awesome landscapes, and tourists sights. Of course you would want to visit Ireland because there are awesome landmarks, and you can celebrate awesome holidays.



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