Art Final MattHew Baron b period

Zentagle Design "The Magician" Medium- Pencil, sharpie, black construction paper, white color pencil"
Wire Sculpute- "Hand of God" Medium- Pliers, Wire, two blocks of wood, green paint, white paint, plaster
Cut Canvas Design "Variegated" Medium- exacto knife, blue construction paper, yellow construction paper, canvas, shape templates
Color Scheme Pattern Painting- "Assoted and Similar" Medium- Yellow, blue, purple, black, white, and orange paint

Point of Emphasis Questions

1) I used a ruler to create the horizon line, and I found the middle of my line and marked it as my vanishing point. I used the vanishing as a marker of heard to line up the b side of the building. The rule of 3rd is needed so that buildings do not look flat and out of proportion

2) The most obvious elements of design in my drawing are shape, line, and space. Shape is used with all of the different structures and objects. Line is used with the horizon line and is used to draw the sides of the buildings back to the vanishing point. Space is used in the roads and sidewalks, and windows. It Gives the picture a sense of movement becuase everything is so close together


Blue Nude. 1902. Baltimore Museum of Arts

Point of Emphasis is the blue color. The elements of art in the painting are the color, shape, and value. The work makes me feel sad. The use of the blue gives a sense of sadness because it is a cool color. The distorted shape gives me a sense of a fragmented person. The different values of blue gives the picture a sense of mixed emotions, like what the women may be going through.

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