Isaiah Thomas Jared Zevzavdjian

What inspired him

Isaiah Thomas was inspired by his height because when a 6’2 player scored on him they would tell him he was too small but when a 6’4 player scores on a 6’2 player they say it was a good shot. That made him work harder and use his height for advantages.

Isaiah Thomas at washington

Isaiah Thomas on the kings.

Isaiah Thomas with Shawn Kemp.

Isaiah Thomas on the celtics

Isaiah Thomas on the kings

His dad wanted to name him after the basketball player on the pistons isiah Thomas.

Paul Pierce also inspired him because Isaiah watched his game in the playoffs against the 76ers and than he worked to be as good as him.

"I've always believed no matter how many shots I miss, I'm going to make the next one."

What was some obstacles for him and now he is a MVP candidate

He grew up in Milwaukee and his love for the celtics came from a far.

Isaiah also had to do a lot of things on his own while his parents work for the family.

Picked last in the draft

People only thought he was a college player

Shortest to ever be in the skills challenge

People said He was too small to get a triple double which is 10 PTS 10 AST and 10 REB but he put up 21 PTS 11 AST and 10 REB

His nickname is Mr. 4th quarter because he is clutch. He is always

Here's a video of Isaiah Thomas making the game Winning shot at the buzzer for an upset.

Here is a I movie of Isaiah Thomas i made.

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