Spy Camp Benjamin Ripley

Ben is a spy. He gets a letter from the principal that says to meet him in his office so he puts the paper in a paper shredder and burns the remains and heads to the principle's office. Alexander Hale (the principal) tells Ben that he has to go to summer school. He does not have to go to summer school for bad grades he and every body else has to go to summer school. He then receives a letter from an evil organization SPYDER. Ben then try's to find Erica so she can explain about the letter. He finds Erica shooting a dummy. Ben explains to Erica about the note he got from SPYDER hoping to get some answers. Erica try's not to act surprised but she is and Ben knows because Erica missed a millimeter to the heart while shooting at the dummy.


Created with images by Unsplash - "hiding boy girl"

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