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I was working as a prison guard when I started long distance hiking to help keep my sanity. After retiring from the department of corrections I continued to thru-hike many trails in North America. At the same time I moved to Telluride, Colorado to satisfy my long time love of skiing. I eventually became an instructor for disabled skiers and snowboarders. By combining my long distance hiking passion and my love of adaptive sports, I began fundraising for my local adaptive sports program by hiking each summer. This eventually evolved into creating the GoHawkeye Foundation in 2014. Since becoming a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization our all volunteer team has helped 26 adaptive athletes by awarding nearly $80,000 in equipment and experience grants.

Hawkeye Johnson - President and Founder
"I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen by the GoHawkeye Foundation to receive a custom built off road handcycle. I truly believe that adaptive sports programs saved my life! Making me feel alive again. This has been one of the biggest parts of my recovery."

Danielle Lancelot Watson

"I remember seeing your film of Danielle riding in Moab while I was still doing inpatient rehab, and my mind was blown. Thank you!"

Anna Soens

Winter in Telluride

It Takes a Team

We all need a little recreation therapy ... Yea, that's it


“I have a good, lucky life and I like giving back. I can still ski 100 days and give something back. It makes me happy to do that.”

Hawkeye and Josh Hancock
"I can't tell you what it means to me to be skiing the same lines I used to in good form and with fresh snow underfoot... but I'll try: For just a minute it feels like nothing ever happened. I'm just skiing down the mountain with a huge grin on my face, crushin pow." - Josh Hancock
It is as if NATURE, has been waiting on you for millions of years.
Scottie McDonald
"It was an honor to be awarded the BTK Crossover knee through the GoHawkeye Foundation. The knee alone would have been great, however the prosthesis was not the only element of this award. The fact that the contest also included the Rocky Mountain experience in Telluride for both my wife(Rita) and I was like icing on the cake. This experience really allowed me to see what activities the knee would allow me to do." - Scottie McDonald
No matter what the season … get out there! Your donation will go to change the life of someone living with a disability.

Summer In theSan Juan Mountains

300 mile fundraiser hike

Hawkeye hit the trail again this past summer on a 36-day 300-mile trek on the GoHawkeye San Juan Trail (GST) which circumnavigates the San Juan Volcanic Field, located in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. GoHawkeye supporters donated over $15,000 for adaptive athletes through this annual backpacking fundraiser for the GoHawkeye Foundation. This is the main fundraising event for the all volunteer non-profit foundation.

"The difficulty of this fundraiser hike is nothing compared to the difficulty faced by a person living with a disability. I'm grateful for the ability to meet this challenge and for your donations that change lives through adaptive sports." - Hawkeye
"I started hiking with a fly rod on the trail. It helps me slow down and enjoy the environment more." - Hawkeye

who do you hike for?

These young ladies hike for gohawkeye

Anika and Taylor raised over $6000 for the GoHawkeye Foundation Youth Development Fund. Their single day hike near Telluride, Colorado this past Summer was more than an opportunity to get outdoors for fresh air and a vigorous 8.5-mile hike. The main objective was to support kids with physical disabilities enjoy the benefits of recreating in the outdoors by collecting donations to buy adaptive sports equipment and experiences for kids.

Taylor and Anika
“Growing up spending winter and summer holidays in Telluride, I’ve come to love the mountains and mountain sports like hiking, skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking. When I met Hawkeye and heard that he helps people with disabilities participate in mountain activities I knew I wanted to help and the focus would be on kids.” – Ani Parr
Your donation to the GoHawkeye Foundation supports athletes with disabilities to get outdoors and recreate on an equal level with friends and family.

Outdoor recreation programs are helping individuals with disabilities build the confidence and physical skills needed to participate in a wide range of recreational activities. From skiing and snowboarding in Winter to golfing, biking and fishing in Summer, disabled individuals are participating in activities they previously considered impossible.

Adaptations to sports equipment has helped enable people with disabilities to independently participate in sports and recreational activities. For example, an off road handcycle is a bike that is designed and custom-built for disabled riders, including paraplegics and leg amputees, to access trails of all difficulty levels in a sitting or recumbent position.


ReActive Adaptations

Fabtech Systems


Photographers: Hawkeye Johnson, Craig Stein, Paul Bikis, Pamela Seaboldt, Tyler Lemon, Aaron Swisher, Sarah Henderson, Brian Torp, and Kellie Standish. Site design and original artwork by Craig Stein.

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