The School Newsletter Week 6, Term 1 2021

What's Coming Up?

  • Wed 10 March: Yr 5 & 6 Regional Touch Football try out at school 8:00am
  • Wed 10 March: After School Sport Program begins - (registration and cost details inside the newsletter)
  • Fri 12 March: School Cross Country
  • Fri 19 March: St Patrick's Day Celebrations
  • Tues 23 March: Yr 6 Enrichment program @ St Mary's Gateshead

From the Principal

Next weekend marks the Third Sunday of Lent, and the Gospel will be John 2:13-25. This Gospel recounts the anger that Jesus felt when he discovered money changing hands and animals being sold for sacrifice in the Temple. The merchants were selling animals at a far higher price in the Temple than would be paid outside, and changing money at a rate that brought enormous profit to the money-changers. Jesus forced the people and animals out of the Temple, scattered the money everywhere, turned tables over and verbally reprimanded the merchants. In doing this, Jesus signed his death warrant by confronting those who were exploiting the poor with high prices.

The Season of Lent gives us insights into how Jesus lived his life, always within the shadow of his death. In this Gospel, Jesus is fully alive to the exploitation of the poor and the mistreatment of the house of God. Two thousand years later, we continue to exploit those who are poor . . . Look no further than the Australian-born sisters and their Tamil asylum seeker parents, Nades and Priya, who have been in immigration detention since March 2018 while their cases remain in the court system. The first 2000 days of life is critical for children, and early childhood experiences have lasting effects. Continued detention is most likely causing these two little girls serious developmental harm.

Let us pray that those who have the power to act humanely might show some compassion to this family by allowing them to return to their community in Biloela.

Peter Green.


St Mary’s Catholic College, Gateshead has invited our Year 6 students to participate in an educational enrichment program on Tuesday 23rd March 2021. The program will offer an opportunity in the areas of Science and Technology to motivate and encourage the students in their journey into high school. Although the aim of the program will be to provide a quality learning opportunity for the College’s potential Year 7 students who will arrive in 2022, all of our Year 6 students are invited to attend the program.

The program will take place on the morning of 23rd March 2021. Our students will be taken by bus to the College, leaving St Patrick’s shortly after 9.00am, and arriving back at about lunch time.

What to wear / bring:

  • The students will be required to wear their regular school uniform (not sport uniform) on that day.
  • The activities will include cooking, woodwork, music and art. In order to participate in the cooking and woodwork activities, the students will be required to wear shoes with a leather upper. Shoes with a mesh upper are not suitable, and those students who do not wear the correct footwear will not be permitted to participate in the cooking and woodwork activities.
  • The students will need to bring a water bottle, morning tea and lunch.


Last Tuesday, three of our netballers – Emily, Tamika and Alicia – attended the Catholic schools regional netball trial. From all accounts, all three girls played well, and we congratulate all three players on having progressed to this level. An extra pat on the back for Tamika and Alicia who have been selected from that trial to attend the Diocesan netball trial. A wonderful achievement for St Patrick’s!


Last Thursday, Emily, Emma, Jacob and Samuel competed at the Diocesan swimming trial for a place in the Diocesan swimming team. All four swimmers did very well to be selected at this level, and we congratulate them on this achievement. Two of those swimmers – Emily and Jacob – have been selected top represent our Diocese at the Polding swimming carnival later this month: • Emily: 100 metres freestyle and 50 metres butterfly • Jacob: 50 metres freestyle, 50 metres backstroke, 50 metres butterfly. We wish Emily and Jacob al the best.


It is with great joy that we heard the news that Lachlan (Year 2) and Benji (Kindergarten) have a new baby brother – Harry Thomas - born on Monday last week, 22nd February. Harry weighed in at 7 lb 6 oz. Congratulations to Elise, Wade, Lachlan and Benji. From all accounts, the boys just adore their new little brother.


The organiser of the regional trial has asked that we send players who are talented. Ben McCarthy will select up to three girls and three boys to attend the regional trial. Ben will run our school trial tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd March), beginning at 8.00am sharp. If your Yr 5 or 6 child will be attending our school trial, they will need to wear suitable clothing. (See below). We have spare football boots at the school for anybody who would like to borrow a pair. The players will change into their school uniform before classes begin.

The regional touch football trial for Catholic schools in the Lakes region will take place as follows:

  • STUDENTS WHO MAY TRIAL: Years 5 and 6.
  • VENUE: Auston Oval, Stockton Street, Morisset
  • DATE: Next Monday (8th March 2021).
  • TIME: 10.00am to 11.30am.
  • COST: St Patrick’s will pay the $10 fee for each player selected to attend the Morisset trial.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: Suitable clothes for playing touch football; Mouthguard; Football boots; Any other protective clothing that they consider necessary.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle and morning tea.
  • TRANSPORT: Each participant is responsible for arranging their own transport to and from Morisset.

Peter Green.


Please be advised that there will be a pupil-free day on Monday 3rd May (the third week of Term 2). On this day, the teachers will learn about how they can enhance their teaching of mathematics, in particular:

  • To develop an understanding that developing a growth mindset in their students can assist in developing a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for success in mathematics.
  • To value, make visible and promote both the collective and individual thinking of students in the classroom.
  • To learn how to effectively differentiate their teaching of mathematics to allow all students to achieve.
  • To apply the five ‘Learning Walks and Talks’ questions to the teaching of mathematics.

The staff development day will be facilitated by Maree Pittaway, Education Officer, catholic Schools Office.

School Cross Country

The school cross country will be held on Friday 12th March 2021. A note with all the event details was sent home last week and a copy is also accessible on Compass.

The Yr 2 to 6 children will participate in the school cross country at Swansea Heads and will travel to and from by bus. Students need to be at school for normal morning assembly. The bus will depart at 9:15am. Sports uniform is to be worn.

The Kindergarten and Year 1 students will run a short course around the school grounds.

Registered volunteers have been called for. - Covid regulations are in place. Please refer to the note for full details.


If you would like to support Elliot and Gemma in their desire to support the fundraising efforts of Rare Cancers Australia, you may either:

  1. Sponsor their 21-kilometre walk from Thredbo to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko and back to Thredbo, by using the following link: www.kosichallenge.com.au/my-fundraising/718/gemma-and-elliot-wisman-santamaria, or:
  2. Buy a ticket in the lolly jar raffle at lunch time or recess). 50 cents a ticket or 3 tickets for $1.

I will pay $5 to the cause for every Year 6 boy who can beat me over 3 kilometres in the school cross country on Friday next week. (Six boys – Worst case scenario for me is that I will be $30 out-of-pocket, but I am feeling confident!) Cathy Dent will match my donations. Anyone else interested?

Peter Green


WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP. Please consider volunteering in the canteen. If there are not sufficient volunteers, the canteen cannot open!!


As you would be aware, the canteen is now a cashless operation. We understand that some parents have requested that we re-introduce cash transactions. The decision to go cashless was discussed at a number of P&F meetings at which the cash vs cashless options were discussed at length. The shortage of volunteers has forced us to alter procedures so that the volunteers are not overworked.

In order to accept cash the canteen would need a commitment from a volunteer to:

  • Count recess takings every Friday afternoon.
  • Complete a stocktake of recess items every Friday after recess.
  • Log into Qkr to update stock levels every Friday.
  • Place stock orders every Friday afternoon for a Tuesday delivery.

If a volunteer comes forward to commit to the above tasks, we are happy to accept cash for recess and lunch snacks, but not for lunch orders.

All parents and carers are welcome to attend P&F meetings via zoom and to take part in the discussions and decisions made by the P&F Association.

have organised a new process for ordering the recess refuelling items.

Recess refuelling

When you go into the QKR app please select Lunch Snacks or Recess Snacks depending on when your child would like their items. This has been done to assist our volunteers canteen helpers with the way the reports are printed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Lunch ordering still remains the same.


An investigation into misconduct or abusive conduct towards a child may be relatively straightforward and resolved within a few weeks. Other investigations extend over months, sometimes years. Some of the more serious investigations involve statutory authorities conducting their own inquiries.

Statutory authorities’ inquiries take precedence. Police inquiries are paramount, and then other statutory authorities such as the Department of Communities and Justice. Quite frequently, the Diocese is obliged to wait for statutory authorities to complete their inquiries first, before the Diocese is allowed to begin its inquiry.

For more information about the role of the Office of Safeguarding, visit https://officeofsafeguarding.org.au/.

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