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The Network of Experts is at the heart of the work that the Global Initiative undertakes. It makes the GI more than just another ‘think tank’ in a crowded space, because the active intervention and engagement of the members of the Network are central and have moved the organization forward. It has grown significantly in size, expanding from an initial group of about 30 to more than 500 in seven years.

The effective functioning of the Network represents one of the key objectives of the GI itself: to bring together people committed to fighting organized crime who come from different backgrounds and interests, giving them the opportunity to engage with one another in a trusted space, and to facilitate the kinds of debates that would help them to respond more effectively by drawing from their own work and mandates. In that sense, the founders of the GI have always believed in the creation of the GI as a ‘network to counter networks’.

Last update: July 2020
Last update: July 2020
Last update: July 2020

GI’s substantive work streams

The GI’s work spans a wide variety of areas. It encompasses all criminal markets – drugs, people, arms, environmental commodities, violence, and so forth – and their impacts.

Debates on organized crime and illicit markets have become increasingly complex, crossing multiple sectors and requiring a wide array of expertise to understand and respond to them. With a Network of more than 300 Experts and its global focus, the GI has a strong comparative advantageand will continue to seek new and innovative strategies to highlight and reduce the impact of organized crime and illicit markets.

Global Initiative's strategy (2018-2020)

The challenges posed by transnational organized crime and its negative impacts are increasingly being understood. And, all the while, new challenges are emerging. However, responses have not been commensurate or innovative enough. This is where GI has its niche and opportunity, which this strategy seeks to fulfill.

If the strategic objectives for the period 2015 to 2017 were to establish an effective and reputable organization, those for the next three years will focus on consolidating the growth and impact of the organization. This includes diversifying the GI’s engagement, while continuing to ensure that the Initiative is recognized and respected as a truly global and cross-disciplinary platform to respond to organized crime.

Speaking notes

The purpose of this document is to provide our Network Experts with point-form 'talking points' that can be used for a speech or press briefing. The document includes all the key element that can be used to present the work of the Global Initiative to a diverse audience.

Social Media

Our strategy on social media is essential to spread contents towards a diverse audience.

Sharing GI content is not a requirement but will help strengthen our presence both online and offline.

Annual web hits rate (update: December 2019)

Our social media presence increased during the last two years. We use different platforms in order to be able to reach different people from every background.

Our core platform for content sharing is Twitter (9.500+ followers), where we have an average daily presence of 10 tweets per day, plus retweets from key partners, staff members and network experts.

Facebook (11.000+ followers) is used mainly for live streaming activities related to events and other initiatives.

On Linkedin (5.500+ connection) we have the opportunity to reach a very selected audience (41% senior profiles; 9% directors, 30% students or entry-level staff) with an engagement rate of 5.82%, which makes us very proud when compared to the engagement rates of other organizations such as IPI (5.5); OSCE (3.7%); UNODC (2.9%); RUSI (2.8%); IOM (2.2%).

In May 2019, we launched our Instagram account, which provides a mix of professional, unique and behind-the-scenes images and videos.

Social Media Key Messages

#1: The GI is at the forefront of research and analysis in fighting Transnational Organized Crime (TOC)

#2: The GI is dedicated to seeking new and innovative strategies and responses to TOC

#3: The GI seeks to provide a platform to promote greater debate and innovative approaches towards an inclusive global strategy against TOC

#4: The GI is committed to studying the problem of TOC as a threat to political stability

#5: The GI is focused on human rights, democracy, governance and development issues where TOC has become increasingly pertinent.

#6: The GI believes that TOC undercuts key institutions, damages the environment, distorts or impedes economic growth, fueling insecurity and conflicts.

#7: The GI produces research that is relevant, up to date and based on insights from field research highlighting the interconnectedness of different forms of TOC.

Why do we use Social Media?


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