Batik By: anthony Reisman


The purity of a color or its freedom from white or gray.

Color relationships

Also called color schemes or harmonies. The relationships of colors on the color wheel. Basic color schemes include monochromatic, analogous, and complementary

Color Wheel

A circular diagram of the spectrum used to show the relationships between the colors


The differences in elements, opposites.


The significance or importance given to an element of design.


Visual flow through the composition.


Repeated colors, lines, shapes, or textures in an artwork. Pattern is a principal of design. Also, a plan or model to be followed when making something.


Repetition refers to one object or shape repeated.


The repeating of one or several elements to create movement.


A color such as pink that is created by mixing a hue with white. Also, a light value of a color.


A tool used in creating batik patterns. (Batik is a wax resist decorative technique used on fabric.) They hold and dispense hot wax in such a way that the artist can control the pattern laid down by the wax with a great deal of precision.


The three color scheme on the color wheel based on a logical relationship.


The element of art that describes the lightness or darkness of a hue.

My color order was White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. The hardest part for me was to remember the registration marks and thinking of what I wanted to wax and what not to wax to keep a part the same same color. I learned that mixing to colors can make a new/different color. I wish I knew how long to put it in a color so you would be able to make an easy observation. Plan out what to wax because towards the end I kinda ran out of stuff to wax but I also did mess up where I could've waxed something but if i did it again I would plan out the waxing.

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