Principles of Design Miss Brinkley

Repitition in art is when similar elements are used multiple times.

Repetition is shown here in the pages.

Repetiting the figures helps to create unity.


Movement in art is the path your eye travels throughout the art.


Created with images by Leunert - "flower red painting" • clementchene - "A cup of tea ?" • blondinrikard - "Book art" • the euskadi 11 - "repetition" • TheUjulala - "feuertanz feuerpoi poi" • quapan - "look downstairs into stairwell whirl" • cliff1066™ - "Bob Hope" • ErgSap - "cezanne_still_life" • pedrosimoes7 - "Violin Luxury Iman oscillating - Red Inside and in the Open Air (c.1916) - Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (1897-2018)" • Archives New Zealand - "Colin McCahon School Journal Illustration"

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