Peripheral nervous system

Nerves that branch from brains and spinal cord to whole body

Includes sensory and motor neurons

Neurons: nurve cells that is the structure & function of the nervous system

Some neurons are several feet long!

Neurons are composed of :

A cell body, the main body of the neuron

An axon carries impulses to dendrites

Dendrites are branching fibers that receive impulses

Sensory neuron: Nerve cell that sends messages to brain

Sensory neurons pick up physical feeling = heat, cold wind, and the taste of food then send it to the brain

The brain sends responses through motor neurons

The brain signals to get away form the heat, eat more tasty food, or to move a muscle and the motor neurons send that message as impulse or reflex.

Sensory & motor neurons send stimuli and brain responses in 0.15 seconds!

A reflex action is an involuntary action where a impulse is interpreted and responded to immediately.

The disfunction of the PNS can lead to inability to feel and even not be able to move. To prevent this

Wear protective gear like helmets and seat belts

Follow directions of chemical products

Follow directions for medications, avoid alcohol and unsafe drugs

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