BACON! (It's what's for thanksgiving)

What's on your plate for Thanksgiving?


We hope that bacon will play a prominent part in your celebrations and while serving ALL of these tasty recipes at one meal might be a "bacon overload," we're sure including one or two of the following recipes would be delicious.

Appetizers ... Bacon style:

1 Bacon-wrapped figs with maple snakebite glaze and goat cheese

2 Or Brie and Bacon in pastry ...

For the main event ...

We have you covered too; besides delicious Bacon-wrapped turkey, how about:

3 Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with a cranberry orange glaze? (YUM!)

4 Accompanied by a fricassee of brussel sprouts and ... you guessed it, Bacon!

5 We even have a "Bacon assisted" dessert to suggest: Bacon topped holiday apple pie.

And finally ...

6 For when "Uncle Fred" tells his bacon joke for the 100th time ...

From all of us at Farm Journal's Pork, have a happy (and delicious) Thanksgiving.

Created By
Alison Fulton


First photo and brussel sprouts photo: iStock. Remaining photos courtesy of each website.

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