My Pregnancy Journal Kristen llewellyn

First Trimester: Weeks 1-12

Lately I have been experiencing breast pain plus their getting larger and I thought this was normal as it was my time of the month, however I've been expecting my period for a couple days now and no sign of it. This morning I couldn't stop vomiting. I decided to start to researching my symptoms and the internet suggests to take a pregnancy test. I went out and tried my new test and waited, eventually it was ready and there it was... my two lines. I'm pregnant! So, whilst my 'first trimester' is starting my baby is going from week five when it's size of a sesame seed to weeks nines grape size. Even though the baby is small it's already started developing its nose, eyes, fingers, toes, mouth and ears. So far my babies circulatory system has started flowing and its tooth buds are forming. So, I have to start planning, but I haven't told anyone only my husband and Mum however I will tell the rest of my family when it's further along. I was told during this time period the baby is moving, but I can't feel it and it's already formed it's organs when i hit the 10week mark. I'm not gonna lie this baby is making me anxious, the idea of having another being inside of me. That's someone I have to now care for and cherish. I know it's exiting and all, but I'm caring for two now.

First Photo

I'm up to the last week of my first trimester, these twelve weeks are said to be the hardest part/trimester during the pregnancy (other than giving birth) and this is because of all the nausea and becoming more tired. I haven't wanted to really go anywhere because I felt so horrible and sick, I've been getting other people to go to the shops and do my chores to help because I just have been finding it difficult to go anywhere. I also have been noticing the 'glow' is starting to appear and I'm developing clearer skin and there is a faint dark line going down my stomach. Starting off with my pregnancy I had to go toilet all the time, but the doctor said that my bladder is lifting so that happening less. The Hubby and I are going to take progress pictures and see how much it changes every trimester. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really nervous for this pregnancy experience alot of things could happen. I could embarrass myself while giving birth, I could fail parenting or the pregnancy might not take... what if it is a miscarriage, if it does I would have known by the eighth week because the further the baby develops the less likely. Ahh, I'm okay now anyway its normal for a pregnant woman to freak out especially during her first pregnancy.

Second Trimester: Weeks 13-27

Finally my first trimester is over! That was so overwhelming, but now I can calm down abit about having a miscarriage. I mean it's still possible, but it becomes less likely the further along and the more developed the baby is. So it is now developing bone cartilage, it has limbs and nerves and it can hear me, so lately we (me and the hubby) have been playing calming songs and talking to it. It's very exiting especially because my baby is about the size of a banana and it has its sense of touch. I will admit I am still abit nervous because it is possible that when you reach 24weeks to have the baby however it twill need extreme medical help and may not even survive. I have been getting quite emotional from these thoughts and I'm trying to be calm for the sake of the baby, my anxiety really needs to calm down because I don't want my baby to hear me like this. The further this pregnancy is going the more stuff I'm buying, like cribs, wallpaper, toys and so much more. Me and the hubby have decided to wait till the birth go find out the gender so everything we are buying is yellow. I went to the doctors last week and I found out the baby weighs about 0.9kgs, can open its eyes, but can't see, it's practicing breathing, swallowing and can hiccup.

Second Trimester

So this trimester my feelings are all over the place, like I just keep thinking of all the stuff that could happen (both good and bad). It has been calming me when I just sit there and look down at my belly and think 'I made this human being' because it's a beautiful thing. I'm getting easily out of breath like when I'm talking on the phone or climbing stairs or walking and this is because my rib cage is expanding and my uterus is lifting. My back has also been killing me and I have to watch my posture because it's important to give the baby as much oxygen as possible and my skin especially my stomachs has been getting so itchy, but that's only because of my middle skins collegen fibers are stretching. This baby is making me tired, but when I go to bed I toss and turn and go to the toilet and it's a endless cycle. Ive tried everything like changing my sheets, a fan blowing across me, fresh air and supporting pillows and they actually helped.

Third Trimester: 28- 40

Yay, it's my third trimester and the final one before labour. A lot is happening this trimester especially for the baby. It's body and organs are preparing for extra uterine life. It's organs have been fully developed since week 12, but now they are in the final stages of maturing and major development. The baby has started becoming bigger making less and less room in the womb for it to move freely so I have been feeling it kick more and move more. These pains are also becoming more painful as my baby is getting stronger. I'm really starting to feel this pregnancy on my bladder, belly, legs and even my brain. Agh I feel abit like I'm gonna pop, this last trimester is really showing. I met up with my sister and she said that we should go get massages because she said that helped with her pregnancy and pain. My body is sore , I mean my legs, feet, fingers are swollen and my back is aching. I've been so emotional lately, literally crying at everything, but it's okay because it's all worth it. My skin is stretching more and more just getting ready And making room. Labour day is getting closer and closer and the more close the more nervous, but exited I get.

Any day now...

Because the baby can come any week now I have organised my birth plan, however it may not go to plan as it is my first child. The baby is starting to see light and it's skin is turning pinker and softer. It's also starting to shed substances and it's about 2.7kg's. The babies head is turning and getting ready for labor, I'm so... I don't know. I am actually quite scared and nervous, but I am exited, I mean starting a family and that's pretty special. I just can't imagine being in front of people I don't even know that well and having to show... everything. The hubby reminds me it's their job and their used to it, however I just can't stop thinking someone looking at me like that. Anyways I've been told so many times I look like I'm about to pop! Trust me I feel it too, my back and legs are aching, my labor pains have started and my eyes are getting abit dryer. I have been practicing my breathing that way when the baby is born it's lungs become mature enough to support themselves. It's also beginning to become independent in order to make sure it can survive on its own when it's born. I love having baths or going in the pool, it takes so much weight and pressure off and it's such a relief.

Labour and Pregnancy

Aahhhh. I'm going into labour... So I was at home and during my baby shower at 1:45pm I reached down for some water because I received extreme pains before hand. When reaching down everything became wet and I realised my water hand broken, the hubby told me what had happened, however I didn't react as I expected. Everyone exept my parents, his parents and my sister left, I didn't feel any pains immediately so I carried on with cleaning and grabbed my over night bag. I then left at 2pm along side my husband, in the car is when the pains got worse and I began dilating. Boom, we race through the hospital door with me then placed in a wheelchair and I am frightened. Here I am laying in a bed with my legs spread apart and my first child coming on its way. Ahhhh another contraction, I have dilated 6cms and I need to go in the bath because it hurts too much. I experience some relief from the bath, but I have to get out. I have now dilated 9cms, one to go. Ahhh and now it's 10cms. I start pushing, this experience is emotionally and physically draining.... boom. I am handed my new baby... GIRL! Her name is Zanthia and she weighs 6pound 13ounces. She's so cute and little and as soon as me and the hubby saw her we knew. A new beginning...


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