Number the Stars Book Diary By Cristian


I think that war is a powerful combat and there is a lot of action.That many people are remembered when they die in the war.

In world war 2,people in those countries probably felt scared,frighten,and brave.They heard the bombs.They smell the smoke coming from the bomb.They saw the bomb explode.They felt the vibration of the explosions.They tasted the sand coming into their mouths by the explosion.


What do you think about when you think about neighbors?I think about helpful.That they help you out if needed.

I would respond by helping them and trying to find people who are trapped and i will try to attack the enemies.

Number the Stars

I predict that Number the Stars would talk about world war 2 and trying to fight back.I think the conflict is talking about war and how they find a way to fight back.

Literary Analysis

Mama says,"Be one of many."I think this means that they need to be or act like one of those people because the guard found them and the mom said that the guards will remember their faces.So they need to act like them so that the guards wont see them again.The mom is worried that the girls will get captured and put them in jell.

''Well,' Annemarie said slowly.''now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews,as well.''(page 25).

That they will protect the Jews from avoiding the Germans.They might protect the store to help Mrs.Hirsch. The Germans want to take and punish the Jewish.They will help them out.


I predict that she will get captured and thrown into jail.That the soldiers will look inside the basket and ask questions to Annemarie.

We just read that mama took and helped the Rosens escape and she took them to Henrik’s boat to go to Sweden.Mr.Rosen tripped over a step and the packet fell from his pocket.Annemarie found the packet and annemarie’s mom said that she can do it.So Annemarie is going to a trip to give Mr.Rosen the packet back.She heard a deep growl and she stood still and she came face-to-face with two dogs and four soldiers.



In the book when the german soldiers killed the jewish.Some of the jewish tried to fight back and others knew that they couldn't fight back so instead they fled to Denmark to be safe.Another fight was when the germans ran over Annemarie's sister Lise.They killed the jewish any time to them it didn't matter if it was day or night.They sometimes kill the jewish or the person who helped them escape get killed in the center of Germany where everyone of Germany is watching.

The parents knew that Lise was killed from one of the germans car but Annemarie and Kirsti didn't know that.All that Annemarie and Kirsti knew was that she got killed in a car accident.The parents,Annemarie,and Kirsti were crying from the news that Lise got killed.Peter nearly escaped from the attack of the germans.Peter saw the killing and he learned that their are some horrible deaths from time to time.

I knew it was that type of conflict because their was action involved in this.The German soldiers were attacking the group meeting because they didn't want the group to attack them or destroy their plans.

Man vs nature(animals or plants)

Annemarie's mom took Ellen and her parents to the dock where uncle Henrik was going to take them to Denmark for a safer place to live.Annemarie's mom returned and she fell over a root.Annemarie saw her mom fall over a root and she came outside to help her mother come back inside the house.

Annemarie's mom learned that sometimes if you are in a hurry that you need to look ahead before before you run or you may trip on something and that you need to be careful.

It is showing a type of conflict because Annemarie's mom got hit by a root,and that is showing man vs. nature.I knew it showed man vs. nature because the root is a part of of tree which is a part of plant which also is part of nature.

Man vs Society

It is when Lise and Peter and others had a meeting about how to attack or plan for an attack from them.Peter and Lise are in a group which are often called a society.That is when the germans found out and they attacked the meeting.They started to kill people that were in the meeting or society.

Peter was in that group and he knew that their was a war coming.Instead he didn't do anymore meetings because he knew that the german soldiers are near.

It is a type of conflict because the germans or facing a group that is fighting against them.The germans are facing a group of people.

Man vs Himself

It was when Annemarie was thinking over and over that her mom will not come.Her mom told her that she will come home around 4:00 or 3:00.Then Annemarie got worried that her mom won't come back and she was saying that she will come home.She couldn't decide which choice to pick.

Annemarie learned that sometimes you need to wait and have patience.That also you don't have to jump into a conclusion yet.

I knew it was a type of conflict because she is thinking it over and over again.She is fighting with her mind like she has different options to chose from.She can't decide if her mom died or if she will return home.


Vocabulary Words

Lanky & Stocky

''She was a stocky ten-year-old,unlike lanky Annermarie

Based on this sentence,stocky sounds like the word stuff,and lanky sounds like the word loose.These words are describing character's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny.stocky means bulky or thickset.

suffix-y,relating to or filled with;Other words;messy,cheesy,lucky






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